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Dissolving in water is a physical change.

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Is Dissolving of sugar in tea a chemical or a physical change?

is dissolving suger in tea chemical or physical

Suger dissloves in water a physical or chemical change?

Dissolving in water is a physical change.

Is dissolving suger in hot water a chemical or physical?

Dissolving sugar in hot water is a chemical change.

Is dissolving suger a physical change?

Yes as the properties change to a liquid. You can then evaporate or filter the liquid to get the sugar again.

Is melting of suger a physical or chemical change?

If sugar is melted, it is still sugar. That makes it a physical change only.

How could improve this investigation in dissolving sugar?

suger and salt are different then investigation but you can't improve the investigation because of the dissolving suger at all.

What happens to suger in a cup of tea?

the sugar does not undergo a chemical change it simply dissolves into the water. if you were to then boil the water till it dried you would get your powdered sugar back (although it would probaly be brown because of the pressence of the tea) well to be honest with you it undergoeas a chemical and a physical change because it changes its look (Physical) and it turns to nothing (Chemical)

Chemical formula for suger?

Formula: C12H22O11

What is physical matter?

an object that has only one substance.(FOR EXAMPLE)water and suger is a chemical matter because the sugar disolves into the water but it is still water and it is not a physical matter because the a physical matter changes from one state to another.

Does sugar dissolve faster in cold or hot water?

In hot water because the heat coming from the hot water is mmelting the suger and dissolving it

What is the meaning of chemical fermentation?

its a convertion of suger to carbon dioxide and alcohol by east

Chemical name for suger?

Sugar is sucrose (C12H22O11) Made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Whats the difference between a solute and a solvent?

A solvent is the substance in which something else dissolves in. The solute is the substance that does the dissolving. Ex. Suger in water. The water is the solvent the sugar is the solute.

Which crisyels grow faster salt crystals or suger crystals?

salt suger = sugar salt suger = sugar salt suger = sugar salt suger = sugar

What make food and drinks taste sweet?

suger , it must be SUGER why not, sUgEr is so sweet nothing is sweeter than SUgeR

Is Alan suger called lord suger?

yes alan suger called sir

Will the rate of dissolving be affected by the size of a suger cube?

One variable that affects the rate at which a sugar cube dissolves is its surface area. The rate it dissolves at is directly proportional to the surface area of the object.

How do you make sweet?

have a lot of suger have a lot of suger

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