Is sweet gum tree good for firewood?

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Yes, gets a nice blaze, as long as it is properly seasoned.
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What type of furniture is made from sweet gum trees?

Answer . From my restoration experience the gum wood is a wood that is used for the funtional part of furniture constrution ie. framing, drawer sides, under layment, backing, etc.

Is Sitka Spruce a good firewood for the home?

Sitka spruce as firewood . Fir and pine trees make good kindling for starting a fire but the pitch of this kind of wood creates more creosolt buildup which can cause your chimney or stove pipe to catch on fire. An occasional fire of pine wood is beautiful and aromatic, but short lived. Hardwoods ( Full Answer )

Is wood from pine trees good for firewood?

Contrary to popular belief, burning Pine does not cause any more creosote buildup than hard wood. A "cool" fire with any wood is what causes creosote buildup. I burn about a 50-50 mix of hardwoods and pine. I check my chimney twice a year and I've never (I repeat never) had any creosote buildup in m ( Full Answer )

Sweet Gum Trees bloomime?

The sweet gum tree blooms in the spring time. Its bloom colors aregreen and yellow. This tree can grow to a height that is between 50to 75 feet.

Are Palm Trees good firewood?

Unless you have no choice, palm tree has lots of creosote and hard to burn, generates more smoke.We use it for stove cooking in the tropics and smoke hurts my eyes

Is the chokecherry tree safe to use for firewood?

By safe, I assume you mean breathing the odor, and the answer is yes. you can burn chokecherry and not worry about breathing the odor. The only plants/trees to worry about are the poisonous ones, like poison sumac etc.

Is there a way to keep the balls off sweet gum trees?

Success with keeping them off is not my area of expertise, but my neighbor has this machine called a Baganut. It picks up the balls when they fall. I tried it and it was real easy, took me a couple hours to clear up two trees worth. No bending over too. Any how, their website is ( Full Answer )

Why are the leaves on your sweet gum tree shriveling up?

Leaves shriveling up are usually a sign of an insect infestation ora fungal infection. Some common insects to check for are leafminers and white flies. Black spot and white powdery mildew arecommon fungus that cause this symptom.

Is pepper tree a good firewood? . Californa Pepper (schinus molle), is a soft, fast burning wood. Seasoned, with average or dry moisture content it is a "smokey" wood not suited for burning in a fireplace or wood stove.. It is however a fantastic wood for barbeque or smoki ( Full Answer )

Is Tree of heaven good firewood?

The tree of heaven can be used as a firewood. However, this type ofwood burns very hot and fast. This wood also creates a lot of ashwhen burned.

Is wood from Tree of heaven good firewood?

Yes. It burns similar to hard maple. It is easy to cut and split, and grows right back before you know it. When dry and seasoned it burns hot, slow, and clean. The smoke doesn't smell very good so I like to mix in some maple and cherry lest I offend the neighbors.

Is walnut a good firewood?

Yes. Walnut however is much more valuable as a hardwood for projects and furniture building. Many lumber mills will pay high prices for whole trees. If the tree was rotten and it must be used as firewood then it needs to be cut,split and stacked for a few months before burning.

Why birds peck holes in sweet gum trees?

Birds peck holes in Sweet Gum trees because they are looking forfood. The bark of the Sweet Gum is soft making it easy to peckwhile looking for small insects.

Is wood from pine trees good for firewood in a wood burning stove?

If it is wet, it is difficult to burn and creates a lot of creosote, the black gummy tar that clogs up your chimney... And if it is dry, it provides good heat, but burns more quickly than a hardwood like cherry or apple. Creosote is still an issue: the soot can really increase your chances of a chim ( Full Answer )

What does the base of a sweet gum tree leaf look like?

If you mean the leaves that grow from the stump of a felled Eucalyptus they will be completely different from the adult foliage in the first year of regrowth it will be juvenile foliage like you buy in florists shops that's how they grow it.

What is the scientific name for the sweet gum tree?

sweetgum: Liquidambar acalycina (China); Liquidambar formosana (China, Korea, Indochina); Liquidambar styraciflua , Linaeus (North America); . Oriental sweetgum Liquidambar orientalis , Mill. (Mainly, Turkey and Greece)..

Is apple wood a good firewood?

it's a great smoking wood. great flavor. apple wood smoked bbq'd chicken is heaven. to me.

How do you keep sweet gum trees from producing fruit?

Success with keeping them off is not my area of expertise, but my neighbor has this machine called a Baganut. It picks up the balls when they fall. I tried it and it was real easy, took me a couple hours to clear up two trees worth. No bending over too. But the device's price starts at $375. Any ( Full Answer )

How good is alder as firewood?

Alder is fine as firewood. It burns fine but it burns fast as it is not a very dense wood. Denser woods burn hotter and slower.

Is wood from mulberry trees good for firewood?

On a firewood rating sheet I have, Osage Orange or Hedge tree, isranked the highest for heat output at 100. Ash is 73, white oak is80 and mulberry is 79. It ranks mulberry as "excellent" forfirewood, low smoke with a good aroma, however it does throwsparks.

Does weeping willow make good firewood?

No, it is not very good firewood. It's actually a softwood, like spruce, as opposed to a hardwood, like oak or maple - so it doesn't burn very cleanly. Not only will you probably see more smoke with willow (and more creosote build-up), but the amount of heat it produces is significantly low. Hope th ( Full Answer )

Are the fruit of a sweet gum tree toxic to dogs if eaten?

there us no fruit in a sweet gum i would know i live on a street with dozens o them Actually, the spiky things that fall off the tree are called fruit. None of the tree is poisonous, but just annoying.

Is incense cedar a good firewood?

It depends on what you are using it for. It is light weight and burns at a low BTU, so It is not good for house heating. It has a straight grain and ignites easily when seasoned, so it is great for kindling. It pops and crackles when it burns, so be careful when burning in an open firepit. Bottom l ( Full Answer )

Is beech trees good firewood?

no its a very moist wood bad for burning, also it gives off smoke bad for the environment

Can a ailanthus tree be used as firewood?

Burns well. Bark is resinous and flares a bit like birch on ignition. Burns with a bright white flame. Great for mixing with heavy, smokey woods like some oaks.

Is Black Oak good firewood?

Black Oak is great firewood. It's nearly as good as White Oak, which (along with hickory) tops the list for firewood BTU output here in the Northeast.

Is the wood from a black poplar tree good for firewood?

Black poplar wood will burn hot. If an air tight stove is beingused, the control rate of the burn can be modified to suit the needwhen it comes to burn rate and heat needed. In quality, with thecorrect stove, Black poplar will burn to 80 to 90% of Maple basedon size, weight and seasoning. It is furt ( Full Answer )

Does sassafras make a good firewood?

no. it burns to fast. pops and cracks when burning. but if it is all you have it will produce heat. you just have to feed the stove more often. It must be well seasoned.

Is bubble gum a sweet?

yes bubble gum is a sweet so if you have given sweets up for lentdon't have bubble gum!

Are sweet gum trees Conifers?

No. Those round, woody spheres that you see falling off a sweet gum are a type of fruit called a capsule and are filled with seeds. Sweet gums are angiosperms and have flowers, not cones.

Is wood from pecan trees good for firewood?

It depends, any wood is good for a fire, but it doesnt work well if it is recently cut. u have to allow it to dry so all water from the tree can evaporate. After that it works nicely.

What kind of firewood is not good to burn in a fireplace?

1. Treated lumber- the chemicals used to prevent rot and insects make for dangerous smoke. 2. Redwood- wood contains natually occurring toxic chemicals 3. Pine and fir- generate high amounts of creosote, hazard of chimney fires (can be used, but with care and cleaning the flue) Low heat values.

Does any animal eat sweet gum tree?

Sweetgum seeds are eaten by many songbirds, chipmunks, and squirrels. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds visit Sweetgum flowers for nectar. Sweetgum saplings are eaten by deer, rabbits, mice, and beavers.

Is conifer trees good firewood?

Most soft woods produce high leves of creosote when burned, as they do not burn as hot as hard woods. Conifers are soft, not very dense, and contain a lot of pitch. This can lead to chimney fires if one does not clean their chimney regularly. That being said, there are many people in the world who ( Full Answer )

Is bull pine firewood good?

Yes, Bull Pine firewood is definitely good. It produces a longlasting flame. However, it is quite expensive to purchase.

Do sweet gum trees have fruit?

Yes... sort of. That spiky wooden ball is the fruit, botanically speaking. It's obviously not a culinary fruit.

What flavor of gum is sweet?

It rly depends, most are sweet, some or minty but some sweet ones i like R bubblegum, watermelon, cotton candy, blue berry, banana and others! Gum is yummmy

What are good firewoods?

well if you want to the wood FASTER pine, cedar,manzaneta those burn the fastest but if you want more heat oak is the wood you want but it is harder to start and burn slower so what i do is start the fire with pine or cedar and then add the oak but make sure that the wood is dry that way it burns ea ( Full Answer )

Is ficus a good firewood?

I had a female landscaping contractor tell me that burning ficus isa no-no because the fumes are toxic. She and he crew were removingseveral large ficus trees and I asked her if I could take some ofthe logs and she said sure, but don't burn it.

Where is a good place to buy firewood holder?

A firewood holder can be purchased from any number of locations. Several physical retail stores with home and garden sections would likely carry them, such as Home Depot, ACE, or Walmart. It would also be possible to find them for sale online from their websites.