Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid?


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Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid

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Is sugar and watera suspension colloid or solution?

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

Salt water is in fact a solution.

Sodium chloride (NaCl) in water is a true solution.

None of these. Water is a compound, which is a pure substance.

it is a suspension because; suspension = a solid and a liquid mixing which is what chalk dust and water is. :)

It's considered a solution but it can be separated by evaportaion.

Soda water is a solution of water and carbon dioxide gas.

No, it is a suspension. Smoke suspended in air is a colloid.

Pure HCl is a gaseous compound; the water solution is called hydrochloric acid.

Neither. It is a highly concentrated solution (>60% sugar in water)

Sand in water is a suspension..

salt water is a solution, since it dose not scatter light, and appears as one layer.

Muddy water is a suspension because the particles in a suspension are small, not settled, and separate if left undisturbed like in the most common kind of suspension made of silt and water.

both....the juice is a colloid in the water and the pulp is in suspension in the orange juice.

No, it is a suspension

noit is a suspension

Colloid: A colloid is a lot like a suspension. The only difference is that the dust is so fine that it wont settle down in the water. Colloid liquids are fairly merkyMixture: A Mixture contains different 2 or more substances.Suspension: A liquid that contains visible, invisible and in-soluble particles.Solution: To see a solution, hold the liquid up to the light. Small particles should be seen. A solution must contain more than 1 substance

No. A colloid is a suspension of solid particles in a liquid medium. Salt is not suspended in water, it dissolves.

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