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You bet it is. Emotional relationship or not it's the first step as far as getting serious with that person. You're playing with fire and you know it! Quit with the games or you're going to lose a whole lot.

Time for you to grow up and either accept the person you are with or move on. You need to mature more and realize it's not nice to hurt other people's feelings. If in doubt place yourself in that's person's position and see if you would like to be treated in this manner. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this one.


AnswerYou obviously think it is, and your partner would think it is or you would not have needed to ask. AnswerYes it is. If she/he was doing this to you, wouldn't you think she/he was cheating on you? Exactly.

Why would your partner need to talk to someone else when she/he has you? ARe you not giving him/her emotional support? Physical needs? Shehe is getting something from both of you. I know this..I have been there!

Good luck

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Q: Is talking to someone on the phone and having an emotional relationship with someone of the opposite sex considered cheating?
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What is considered cheating in a relationship?

A sexual relationship doesn't have to occur to make it cheating. If an individual is going steady with a person or living/married to their partner and they sneak out because they secretly are attracted to another of the opposite sex is cheating! Even if it's strictly petting and no other sexual contact if you are doing it in secret behind your partner's back it's cheating!

Is chatting on the internet cheating on your partner if its the opposite sex?

Of course not ... chatting = conversation (talk) ... cheating = having an affair (sex) ... so, sex is not conversation ... talk is not an affair. Anyone is entitled to talk to anyone they so choose.Another POV:It can be. The idea that a sexual affair is the only form of cheating is a limited view. An emotional affair can be just as much a betrayal. If you are engaged in a chat/internet relationship with someone to the detriment of your physical, non-virtual relationship, then it is cheating.

What is the opposite of an inverse relationship?

The opposite is a direct relationship.

What is an emotional affair?

An emotional affair is the same as what most people think of when they think of an affair except less the intimate parts. An emotional affair is an affair that allows its participants think that they are not doing anything wrong because of no intimacy. Anytime you are spending private moments with someone of the opposite sex at private times you are having an emotional affair. If you are close in anyway to someone of the opposite sex and you can't reveal everything that is said, you might be in an emotional affair. If you're emails are all that private you might be having an emotional affair. It's cheating plain and simple DON'T BE FOOLED! ANSWER: Emotional affair generally starts innocently enough as a friendship. Emotional affairs is type of cheating without having a sexual relationship. It's also a gateway affairs leading to a full blown sexual infidelity. This happened to me from the man I married. He met a woman on a dating site because he was hungry to find someone who will listen to him talk. Unfortunately this man is not a talkative person with me from the start of our relationship. and he proven me wrong. Only with me his having a problem communicating. So overall, our life will never be the same anymore.

If a mate is implying you are cheating should you question whether they are cheating?

* No, this does not mean that your mate is cheating because they are implying you are. If you are not cheating then they may have had a past experience (even one parent cheating on another) and they fear you are cheating. Some mates can be extremely jealous of the opposite sex coming anywhere near their partner and both reasons given is due to insecurity. Communication is the most important thing you will ever have in your relationship so the both of you should sit down and you should bluntly ask your mate that you feel they are implying you are cheating and why. If your relationship is mature then it will survive.

What is the opposite of emotional?

The opposite of emotional is unemotional. Other antonyms could be impassive, dispassionate, objective, stolid, or staid. The opposite basis for an action would be rational or logical.

What word is opposite in meaning to phlegmatic?


What actions are considered cheating?

Actions that are considered cheating is knowing one individual knows they have feelings for another individual other than the mate they are with and keeps it a secret from their mate. Phoning the opposite sex secretly; meeting at different places; lying to their mate about where they will be; sleeping with the person they are seeing on the sly.

What is the opposite of warm?

The opposite temperature of warm is "cool." The opposite emotional expression is cold, aloof, or distant.

What is the opposite or antonym of impassive?

Emotional, communicative, passive.

What exactly is cheating?

Cheating is when you go out with the opposite sex (same sex in some cases) and you aren't open and honest with your partner. If you truly love someone then you would be honest with your partner and have nothing to hide. Dating another person on the side is cheating or holding back secrets such as taking a friend of the opposite sex out for the evening or something personal about yourself that is of great importance to your relationship. If nothing is going on with you and your friend then be honest with your partner.

What is a direct relationship as compared to inverse relationship?

The opposite mathematical relationship.

What do you do when your wife has cheated with another woman who is her co-worker?

If your wife has not verbally told you herself or you have not caught her in the act then do not listen to gossip and be sure you have the correct information by communicating with your wife. If it is true then it appears your wife may have been either talked into a bisexual relationship or is bisexual and is not gay. This is still considered cheating and you will have to sit down with your wife and ask her what she wants to do about your marriage because you are not willing to live the way she prefers to live. Cheating is cheating whether it is with the same sex or opposite sex.

What is the adjective for emotion?

The adjective is emotional. The opposite is emotionless.

What is the adjective emotions?

The adjective is emotional. The opposite is emotionless.

What if you found out that your spouse is engaging in a cyber relationship?

If you have the proof your spouse is engaged in a cyber relationship then you should run off copies of what you have found and confront your spouse. Some people feel flirting; talking dirty, but no sexual contact with the opposite sex on the Internet is not cheating, but it is.

What is the opposite of son?

The opposite gender is daughter. The opposite relationship could be father or mother.

Is having emotional intimacy cheating?

In general, I believe yes, if it is with someone of the opposite sex. Please consider what type of relationship you want, and how you want to be treated. Becoming emotionally close to someone of the opposite sex may be okay if it's possible to do without any physical attraction. However, I think this is really difficult if that person is not a relative. I can attest from personal experience that this can lead to temptation, and heartbreak. Also, I think you already know the answer to this question. Please remember that you alone are responsible for your choices and they will lead to consequences.

Is it normal to look at people of the opposite sex when you are in a relationship?

it is very normal to look at the opposite sex when u are in a relationship, it's just the human way

What are some of the red lights that detect whether you are an emotional cheater?

Emotional cheaters are flirts and titillate (love the rush of flirting) and the Internet is a great tool for doing this. When someone goes on a forum such as Facebook for instant they may well meet up with the opposite sex and one thing leads to the other. They generally flirt; may be sexual context when texting or even photographs of each other and in some cases nude photographs. The person who is an emotional cheater does not recognize the fact they are cheating as long as they are not in physical contact with that person, but it is cheating and yes, in some cases it can lead to actually meeting up with that person. Emotional cheaters are well aware they are doing something wrong.

Why do you get attracted to the opposite sex?

stop being lazy and ask a scientist instead of cheating

What is the real danger of your spouse emotional affair?

The real danger of a spouse's emotional affair is that often the spouse emotionally cheating does not feel they can come to their married spouse and talk out any problems and there is a huge void of good communication skills. Everyone has marriage problems and the two people in the marriage should be mature enough to discuss anything they are not happy about so they can strengthen their marriage and if this doesn't happen then one of the spouses will often go to the opposite sex to get their slant on the problem at hand and emotions run high and this can lead to a sexual relationship.

My gf has started talking to this guy now for like hours on end and she says they talk about our relationship an we do talk on the phone a lotso i dont know what she really wants Whats up with this?

talking on the phone a lot and having a real physical relationship (not meaning sex but in person relationship doing things together and seeing each other on dates) are two different things. if you and your girlfriend speak mostly on the phone but don't do much of anything else, it's hard to say if that's a relationship. maybe you two should start going on dates more and doing fun things together. but as far as her talking to another guy for hours- about your own relationship with her- that is a form of cheating, called "emotional cheating" which means someone confides in someone else of the opposite sex about emotional matters concerning their current relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. these are things that should be discussed between the two in the relationship not with someone else. this could lead to physical cheating because he or she is vulnerable and could feel a connection with the other person since he or she is being there for them. be careful. I would tell her that you don't appreciate what she is doing. you should ask her what she wants out of your's and her's relationship. maybe she is talking to this other guy because she is not happy with her relationship with you- going back to you talking on the phone a lot with her- maybe she wants more than just phone conversations. again make an attempt to start going out on dates more.

Do a fraction have a opposite?

Their negative counterparts can be considered opposite. So can their reciprocals.

What is the opposite of -2?

The answer depends on what you mean by "opposite". The most common alternatives are additive opposite or multiplicative opposite, but there are others relationships that could be considered opposite.

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