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In fact, talking to yourself can be a great way to interpret something that you are thinking about. For example, if you are reading something, it will help you understand what you are reading to speak the words out loud. This is because you are using more of your brain to process what is being read and you will also interpret it differently if you hear the words vs just seeing them.

A lot of (if not all) people talk to themselves. talking to yourself in itself is normal and healthy, but if you have a concern, think about what you are saying. It could help you see what isn't healthy.

Check out this website for more information

The DSM-IV is the authority of mental illness in America.

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Q: Is talking to yourself a mental illness?
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Is talking to yourself a sign of mental illness?

Talking to yourself is not necessarily a sign of mental illness. Everyone has a continual running dialogue inside their heads. Some people express this dialogue verbally. It is only mental illness if you continually tell yourself negative things.

What is talking to yourself generally a sign of?

In many walks of life, talking to yourself is seen as a sign of mental illness. This is not a fact however, it is just the equivalent of an old wives tale.

How was mental illness treated?

depends on the illness, usually with medication and talking

How is mental illness treated?

depends on the illness. usually talking and medication

Is there a mental illness involved with talking?

Turret's Syndrome

Is talking to yourself and not knowing it a mental illness?

Talking to oneself and not being totally aware of it is not a mental condition in and of itself. It can be a self soothing mechanism, utilised to calm yourself. By verbalising, you are cognitively in touch with thoughts in your brain and orally stating information to assist with either remembering or limiting other stimulation.

A definition of the mental illness?

A definition of mental illness , is the person thinks they are someone else, or someone else is talking to them, in their imagination. It is a illness working on the mind. And please note it is only another form of illness like B.P. and nothing to be shunned from.

Does being crazy run in the family?

It depends on the family history and the type of mental illness that you are talking about. Some kinds of mental illness do run in the family and others happen on their own.

Is homosexuality a mental illness?

no it isn't a mental illness

Can you go in mental hospitail for talking to yourself?

It depends on how serious is the case

What does it mean when you talk to yourself and answer your self?

It can be a symptom of mental illness and you may want to get help.

Is ADHD a mental or physical illness?

ADHD is classified as a mental illness; it is not a physical illness.

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