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Is tea or coffee worse for your teeth?


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black tea contains a high percentage ofpolyphenolic[sp] constituents which reduce the growth of both halitosis (bad breath) and caries (cavities) causing bacteria. This also appears to be the case with green, oolong and white tea, but has not been proved as such yet. The reason for this extrapolation is that all these names only indicate how the tea bush, Camellia sinensis, is processed and are only variations of the so called "true tea". Notice that flavored teas and "herbal teas" can, however, be more dangerous to your teeth as they sometimes have significantly lower pH-levels. To my knowledge, this is also the case with coffee which is more acidic than non-herbal teas in general.

As far as stainig[sp] goes, they are probably about the same. As far as cavities, etc, it depends on the type of tea and how much cream and sugar you put in your coffee or sugar you put in your tea.

I was reading a naturopathic article that said that tea is better for one's teeth and bones because it has traces of natural fluoride in it

Oh tea and coffee is bad for your teeth, as said by my dentist, it stains it and if you bond your teeth or put white fillings in them they stain easily.

*The article begins by saying, "They have discovered". Who is "they"? Again, there are no organized blind, double-blind or peer reviewed studies. Everything is based on "... may have ... "


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Coffee by a long shot tea is actually very healthy for you.

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Tea stains teeth more than coffee. Just look at a white mug you use for coffee and one you use for tea. The tea mug will be more stained than the coffee mug.

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Coffee and tea stain your teeth but it is not the caffeine.

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Coffee, red wine and tea.

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i think coffee will because of all the caffine

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