Is temple run good for the brain?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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yes because it helps you exersise your fingers which exersices your brain

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Q: Is temple run good for the brain?
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What is temple run about?

It is very good for your brain cells and wires.when you play and swip your brain functions and has to act sharp, which then will help in real life. if something bad happens your brain can function and act quickly.

What good and free games are good on iPod?

the best one is temple run

What does your temple do?

Your temple is your head. Your head is the place where you brain is. Your brain is what controls your body.

Is there a temple run 3?

No. Temple run 2 is the newest.

What good deeds did Shirley Temple do?

Shirley Temple invented the app Temple run.

Is their temple run 3?

There isn't a labeled Temple Run 3 but Temple run Oz is basically what I consider it to be.

What are some real good games?

Temple Run. For iPod,iPhone,and iPad.

What is the difference between pitfall and Temple Run?

in temple run u run

Can you get Temple Run on a 3ds?

No, temple run is not released on the 3DS.

Do people have Temple Run?

Yes, people have Temple Run.

When did Temple Run happen?

Temple Run happened in 2011.

How do you download Temple Run for your computer?

go to temple run's facebook page and you'll see a comment on the right side that says download temple run and has the url for temple run click on it and download it