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yes 16 digit number

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Q: Is the 16-digit number the account number?
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What is bsb and account number?

The account number is the number assigned to a particular account. A BSB is the number in front of the account number, in the Australian banking system. The BSB number denotes what 'B'ank', 'S'tate, and 'B'ranch the account is in.

Where do i find my account number from direct express?

Is my bank account number the same number on the front of my direct express card

Is the number on your ATM card your account number?

No, it is your 'card number'. To find your 'account number', look at a copy of your latest account statement.

What is the BSB number for me bank?

its a account number like " Account Name: Account Number: BSB: 944300"

Need to Know Routing Number and account number?

Find routing number on account and account number

How to say Primary account number in German?

The term "Primary account number" is a term that is not used in German.A bank account number is "Bankkontonummer"A check account number is "Girokontonummer"A bank identification number is "Bankleitzahl"

What the account number for?

The account number is a reference number that identifies a specific customer's information

You want to know your account number?

i want to know my account number in my bdo account because when i was in philippines i forgot to take my account number prior i leave in phillippines.

How can you get the bank route number and your checking account number?

Your bank routing number is on the left side of the checking account and the checking account is next to it.

How do you know peoples account number?

i want my accont number because i forget my account number

What is difference between Number of bank accounts and bank account number?

Number of bank accounts is how many bank accounts and bank account number is the number that identifies the bank account.

What other data is appended to a client's bank account number to ensure the correct input of the account number?

Usually the bank account number, and the number of the bank's agency.