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yes it is a rear wheel drive Automatic transmission

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Q: Is the 3s engine a rear wheel drive engine?
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Where is the speedometer sensors on Toyota Noah automatic with a 3s engine?

The vehicle speed sensor of the Toyota Noah can be found on the front wheel hubs.

What is the Engine oil capacity for Toyota 3S-FE engine?

3.7 Litres.

How do you set timing marks on 1988 Toyota Camry engine type is 3S-FE 4-cylinders?

1988 Toyota Camry, engine type is 3S-FE

How do you set timing marks on 1988 Toyota Camry engine type is 3S-FE 4-cylinders.?

1988 Toyota Camry, engine type is 3S-FE

What engine does a Toyota oil filter 90915-10002 fit?


Can you take the engine from a 94 Toyota Camry and install it in a 1990 Toyota Camry or are the motor mounts different?

only possable if you have the same engine e.g 3s-fe to a 3s-fe but use the old manifolds and mounts for which the motor is going into ive done heaps of these but you cant change a 3s-fe in a 4s-fe then the mounts are slightly different but not hard to make new ones.

Will a Toyota Supra engine fit into a 1994 Toyota Carina e?

No, it will not for sure. try to have 3s-gte instead.

What does a 3s car engine look like?

It is an in-line 4cyl. like any other transverse (fwd) car.

How much does it cost to replace piston rings on a 1994 Toyota MR2?

Which engine?? 5SFE or the Turboed 3S-GTE?

Where is the drain plug for coolant in a Toyota Carina 2.0 E 1994 engine 3S-FE?

The bottom of the radiator.

What is 3s plus 1?

3s + 1

Can you replace AA S3-fe Toyota Rav4 engine with a Camry S3-FE engine?

Yes. 3S and 5S have same physical characteristics, the gearbox is same