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The amazon rainforest is always wet if you are in the Amazon rainforest you will aways see it is wet

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Q: Is the Amazon rainforest warm and wet?
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Is a rainforest wet and cold?

Wet and warm, Humid (Tropical Rainforest) Wet and cool (Temperate Rainforest)

What is the climate in the Amazon rainforest?

In the Amazon Rainforest it is very warm, though they have plenty of rain.

Is the Amazon rainforest hot and wet?


Why is the climate hot and wet in the Amazon Rainforest?

Because the Amazon Rainforest is near the Equator.

What is the climate inthe Amazon rainforest?

wet and rainy

What places on the equator are wet?

the tropics and the amazon rainforest

What is a warm wet tropical forest is called?


What is a warm wet forest called?

A tropical rainforest

Climate in the tropical rainforest?

A warm wet climate

What is a warm wet tropical forest called?

A rainforest.

A warm wet forest is called a tropical?


How do monkeys keep warm in a tropical rainforest?

There are many species of tropical rainforest monkeys living in the rainforest throughout the world. A rainforest is already a warm and very wet climate. Therefore, it is easy for a monkey to stay warm in the rainforest.

Is the tropical rainforest hot wet cold or dry?

a tropical rainforst is wet and warm

What type of forest is warm and wet?

The type of forest that is warm and wet is a tropical rainforest. These tropical rainforests get a lot of water.

Why is the Amazon rainforest hot and wet?

because thats the way it is

Amazon rainforest why is it sparsely populated?

Becuase of the wet ground

Physical features of the Amazon rainforest are?

mountanious hot humid wet

What climate does the anaconda live in?

Anacondas live in a tropical rainforest climate. They live in the Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal wetlands of South America. These areas are warm year round, have lots of rainfall, and a wet and dry season.

How would you keep warm in the amazon rainforest?

hide in a cave

Does the Amazon rainforest have mosquitoes?

They have all insect species

What is the climate of the amazon rainforest?

Warm humid and muggy with daily rainfall

Why is amazon basin hot but wet throughout the year?

because there is dense tropical rainforest.

What is the habitat like in the Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon is a very wet, sticky, humid place. There are a lot bugs and rains a lot.

What area is warm all year with long periods of rainfall?

Amazon Rainforest

What is the landscape of a rainforest?

A rainforest has plenty of trees, flowers, plants, and different grasses. It is also very wet, warm, humid, and sunny.