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A fox is a mammal, so it is warm-blooded. Any cold-blooded animal in the Arctic would be unable to move.

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Is the Arctic fox warm blooded or cold blooded?

An Arctic Fox is a mammal and is warm-blooded.

Is an Arctic fox cold-blooded or warm-blooded?

They are mammals. All mammals are warm blooded.

Is a arctic fox a warm blooded animal or a cold blooded animal?

Foxes are mammals, mammals are endotherms ("warm-blooded").

Are Arctic foxes warm blooded?

Yes, the arctic fox is warm blooded as are all foxes.

Is an Arctic wolf warm blooded?

All mammals are warm-blooded, including the Arctic fox.

Is a fennec fox a cold or warm blooded animal?

A fennec fox is warm blooded as are all mammals.

Is a fox cold blooded or warm blooded?

None actually, Foxes only exist in the Minecraft world and have no blood.

Is a fox cold-blooded?

No, foxes, as are all mammals, are endothermic - warm blooded.

Why is the Arctic fox warm blooded?

The arctic fox is warmblooded because it is a mammal. The difference between a cold-blooded animals and warmblooded animals is that cold-blooded animals' body temperatures are that of their environment, ex. if the temperature is 54 degrees, the animal will have a body temperature of 54 degrees. Warm-blooded animals, like the fox, maintain a constant body temperature. Humans, for example, maintain a body temperature of 98.6 degrees F., regardless of the temperature of the environment.

Is a fennec fox cold or warmblooded?

Mammals are warm blooded

Is a red fox warm or cold blooded?

A fox is a warm blooded animal. Most mammals are warm blooded because they have a higher blood temperature and maintain thermal homeostasis through the metabolic process.

How does an Arctic fox adapt to the cold?

An arctic fox doesn't really "adapt" to cold weather. Arctic foxes actually have a really thick, warm coat of fur which keeps them at a perfectly warm temperature in the winter.

Is a fox reptile?

A fox is a warm-blooded mammal.

Is a fox warm or coldblooded?

All mammals are warm blooded A fox is a mammal.

Is the fennec fox warm blooded?

All mammals are warm-blooded, including the fennec.

Is a fox endothermic or ectothermic?

Foxes are warm-blooded - endothermic.

Why is an Arctic fox fatter than a desert fox?

The fennec fox is a much smaller animal that the Arctic fox. The Arctic fox also has a much denser coat of fur that makes it look even bigger. The fennec, or desert fox, is the smallest of the true foxes.

How does the Arctic fox survive the harsh winters in the tundra?

The Arctic fox is specifically made to survive extreme cold weathers, it has a very thick fur coat that keeps it very warm. It knows how to hunt and camouflage itself in the snow.it uses its heavy winter caost to stay warm

How does the red fox keep warm?

It is a mammal, therefore warm-blooded. Meaning, it will stay at a constant temperature

Could an arctic animal live in a hot desert?

some animals do for e.g. arctic fox can live there because a hot desert can be so cold at night and an arctic fox love cold weather.

How does an Arctic fox survive the winter?

the arctic fox survives in the winter by having a fur coat that insulates air into the body to keep warm

What would happen if the gray fox were placed in the Arctic?

They wold have to adapt to the cold arctic

Why are there only large mammals in the cold Arctic or in Antarctica and not small animals?

the biggest animal is the elephant, Africa... but there are big animals in the cold because of the fat, it's need to stay warm. but the arctic fox is a small animal just to tell you.

What happens to an Arctic fox when the Arctic gets warm and melts?

The arctic fox sheds its white fur and grows brown/black fur.The fur change helps it to survive.

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