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Is the Bermuda triangle a connection to Atlantis?

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The area of the Atlantic Ocean popularly referred to as the

Bermuda Triangle is a complete enigma and has proven to be so for

much of recorded history.

Many seemingly inexplicable occurrences and disappearances have

taken place in this particular area. No rational explanation that

will satisfy the materialistic parameters of the typical scientist

has been offered that would account for all the mysterious

happenings that have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle during the

course of many thousands of years.

Where is the Bermuda Triangle? Many of us believe that the

Bermuda Triangle is situated more or less in the middle of an area

of the Atlantic Ocean that once housed Atlantis.

While many eminent Atlantean authorities express differing

opinions and ideas as to precisely where Atlantis was situated, I

would like to refer to a reading given by Edgar Cayce in 1932:

The position... the continent of Atlantis occupied is between

the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the

other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the

Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan and America.

There are some protruding portions... that must have at one time

or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West

Indies, or the Bahamas, are a portion of same that may be seen in

the present. If the geological survey would be made in some of

these especially, or notably in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream

through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined"


Be that as it may, and in most things I am always inclined to

believe what Edgar Cayce has to say, in my opinion Atlantis was

situated roughly speaking where Cayce proposes.

When Atlantis was destroyed it sank to the very bottom of the

ocean. While the ruined temples now play host to multitudinous

underwater creatures, the great Atlantean fire-crystals that once

provided so much of the tremendous power and energy that was found

in Atlantis long ago still exist. And they are still emitting

strong energy beams into the universe.

Unfortunately, however, when the destruction occurred some of

these fire-crystals were damaged, which has resulted in them only

being able to project their energy rays at random. It is said that

each fire-crystal would have been at least twenty feet high and

some eight feet wide. In Atlantis these fire-crystals would have

been erected in a series of three, thus creating a vortex of

astronomical energy and a power of the first magnitude!

From time to time, the force field emitted by these damaged

Atlantean fire-crystals becomes very powerful and any plane or ship

coming within the influence of this force field disintegrates and

is transformed into pure energy. Hence the inexplicable and

mysterious disappearances that has very often been blamed on the

area of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle!

Some scientists have advanced the theory that many of the planes

and ships that have been lost and that have disappeared within the

Bermuda Triangle have been transported into some kind of Black Hole

or time warp. This is, I would strongly suggest, simply not true.

Those individuals who were aboard planes and ships when they

disappeared have basically between returned to spirit.

On a few rare occasions, ships that had been reported as having

vanished have actually returned. The crew members, though, have all

appeared to be insane, incoherent and babbling wild stories. This

has occurred because there are certain times when the force field

projected by the Atlantean fire-crystals is not strong enough to

effect total disintegration. Mental disorientation results


In addition to the damaged Atlantean Fire-Crystals, the

Timekeeper Crystal still stands guard within the ruined Atlantean

Temple of Healing. The great Timekeeper Crystal, however, does not

project its energies in the same way as the fire-crystals because

it is hermetically sealed.

The Timekeeper Crystal is waiting patiently for the time which

is yet to come when once again it will play its important role in

the affairs of the world!

Dr. Ray Brown's Crystal Sphere

In 1970, Dr. Ray Brown, a naturopathic practitioner from Mesa,

Arizona, went scuba diving with some friends near the Bari Islands

in the Bahamas, close to a popular area known as the Tongue of the

Ocean (This was depicted in the television show, "In Search Of --

Atlantis," originally made in 1979.

During one of his dives, Brown became separated from his friends

and while searching for them he was startled when he came across a

strange pyramid shape silhouetted against the aquamarine light.

Upon investigating further, Brown was surprised by how smooth

and mirror-like was the stone surface of the whole structure, with

the joints between the individual blocks almost indiscernible.

Swimming around the capstone, which Brown thought might have

been lapis lazuli, he discovered an entrance and decided to explore


Passing along a narrow hallway, Brown finally came to a small

rectangular room with a pyramid-shaped ceiling. He was totally

amazed that this room contained no algae or coral growing on the

inner walls. They were completely spotless!

In addition, though Brown had brought no torch with him, he

could nevertheless see everything in the room with his normal

eyesight. The room was well lit, but no direct light source was


Brown's attention was drawn to a brassy metallic rod three

inches in diameter hanging down from the apex of the center of the

room and at its end was attached a many-faceted red gem, which

tapered to a point.

Directly below this rod and gem, sitting in the middle of the

room, was a stand of carved stone topped by a stone plate with

scrolled ends. On the plate there was a pair of carved metal

bronze-colored hands, life-sized, which appeared blackened and

burnt, as if having been subjected to tremendous heat.

Nestled in the hands, and situated four feet directly below the

ceiling rod gem point, was a crystal sphere four-inches in


Brown tried to loosen the ceiling rod and red gemstone but

neither would move. Returning to the crystal sphere, he found, to

his amazement, that it separated easily from the bronze hand

holders. With the crystal sphere in his right hand he then made his

way out of the pyramid.

As he departed, Brown felt an unseen presence and heard a voice

telling him never to return!

Fearing, rightly, that his unusual prize might be confiscated as

salvage-treasure by the American Government, Dr. Brown did not

reveal the existence of his strange crystal sphere, nor did he

relate his experiences until 1975, when he exhibited his crystal

for the first time at a psychic seminar in Phoenix.

Since that time, the crystal sphere has made only a very few

public appearances but on each occasion people who have seen it

have experienced strange phenomena directly associated with it.

Deep inside the crystal form, one gazes upon three pyramidal

images, one in front of the other, in decreasing sizes. Some people

who enter a deep meditative state of consciousness are able to

discern a fourth pyramid, in the foreground of the other three.

Elizabeth Bacon, a New York psychic, claimed while in trance,

that the crystal sphere had once belonged to Thoth, the Egyptian

God who was responsible for burying a secret vault of knowledge in

Giza, near the three great Pyramids.

Perhaps the positions of the three pyramidal images in the

crystal sphere hold the long-sought key to finding a fourth, as yet

unfound, subterranean pyramid that will lead us to the Hall of

Records? Who knows?

Looking at the crystal sphere from the side, the internal images

dissolve into thousands of tiny fracture lines. Brown feels that

these may prove to be electrical in nature, like some form of

microscopic circuitry.

From yet another angle, and under special conditions, many

people have been able to see a large single human eye staring out

serenely at them. Photographs of this eye have also been taken!

Dr. Brown's crystal sphere has been the source of a wide variety

of paranormal and mysterious occurrences. People have felt breezes

or winds blowing close to it. Both cold and warm layers surround it

at various distances. Other witnesses have observed phantom lights,

heard voices or felt strange tingling sensations surrounding


A compass needle, when placed next to the crystal sphere, will

spin counter-clockwise, then commence turning in the opposite

direction when moved only inches away. Metals become temporarily

magnetized when they come into close contact with the sphere.

There are even recorded instances where healing has taken place

by merely touching the sphere.

We may only speculate as to why the crystal sphere was created

and what part it once played within the underwater Bahamas pyramid

discovered by Ray Brown!

If, as we suspect, this area of water once formed part of the

continent of Atlantis, then what other buried treasures await

future divers? The possibilities are endless.

Seismographic surveys carried out across the Atlantic Ocean have

shown that there are many deviations and unexplained contours to be

found right at the bottom of the ocean. To date, however, no

serious exploration has ever been undertaken to find out exactly

what is to be found on the ocean's floor.

Perhaps Brown's Bahamas pyramid once formed part of Atlantis. It

has been suggested that this sunken pyramid once attracted,

accumulated, and even generated some form of cosmic force.

The suspended rod may have conducted forces accumulated in the

capstone. The faceted red gem at its end may have been used to

concentrate and project the energies to the crystal sphere below

it. The burnt and blackened hands, showing the evidence of an

energy transfer, probably amplified the release of these energies

while the crystal sphere acted as the tuner and broadcaster of the


In 1933, Edgar Cayce suggested in two readings that the

Atlanteans possessed some form of atomic power and radioactive


Through the same form of fire the bodies of individuals were

regenerated by burning, through application of rays from stone, the

influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism.

Hence the body often rejuvenated itself and it remained in that

land until the eventual destruction, joining with the peoples who

made for the breaking up of the land, or joining with Belial at the

final destruction of the land. In this, the entity lost. At first

it was not the intention nor desire for destructive forces. Later

it was for ascension of power itself (440-5; December 20, 1933)

And Cayce goes on:

As for a description of the manner of construction of the stone:

we find it was a large cylindrical glass (as would be termed

today), cut with facets in such manner that the capstone or force

that concentrated between the end of the cylinder and the capstone


As indicated, the records as to ways of constructing same are in

three places in the earth, as it stands today: in the sunken

portion of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples

may yet be discovered under the slime of ages of sea water -- near

what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And (secondly)

in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity acted

later in cooperation with others towards preserving the records

that came from the land where these had been kept. Also (thirdly)

the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan, in America,

where these stones (which they know so little about) are now,

during the last few months, being uncovered." (440-5; December 20,


One particularly interesting piece of information in the above

reading is the reference to Bimini. In 1969, steps were discovered

leading down under the ocean at Bimini. These have always been

believed to have once formed part of Atlantis although it appears

that little further excavations or explorations have ever taken

place on this site. But -- and really it is not too big a but -- it

does seem that the balance of probability is firmly tilted towards

the supposition that Atlantis was more than a legend; that, in

reality, it was a historical fact.

In the meantime, however, the damaged Atlantean fire-crystals

will continue, from time to time, to have an effect upon some of

the planes and ships which pass through the area known as the

Bermuda Triangle.

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The answer is probably. A lot of strange things happen in the

Bermuda Triangle and I think that it is entirely probable that the

lost city of Atlantis is it the Bermuda Triangle.

"Answer" id="Answer">Answer

The answer is no. If there was an Atlantis it was in the


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