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Q: Is the CD key and origin redeem code of fifa 13 same?
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When do you get the ODST code for SGT Johnson?

You should get it with Halo 3 ODST on a token. Its the sort of same thing you do to redeem Microsoft Points.

Is FIFA 12 the same as FIFA 11?

No. Fifa 12 is slightly updated.

What is FIFA 11 graffics like?

the same as all the other fifa's

What happens if two people enter the same valid Xbox live code and redeem it at the exact same time?

I'd imagine whichever Xbox processes it first will obtain the membership towards their account.

Do you need an id to buy a receipt with a psn code to buy a rated M game at gamestop?

If you are saying the game code to redeem yes because it is mature content this is sometimes the same for add-ons. But if you want a 20$ code or something like that and not a game you don't because your getting the code and then buying from PSN not gamestop.

Do fifa 15's transfer market the same on pc playstation and xbox?

FIFA 15's transfer market is the same on PC playstation and Xbox.

What is better assassins creed revelations or FIFA 12?

Revelations, it's not the same every year like Fifa is.

Is it the same originated as origin?

no its not the same

How do you get your FIFA 09 profile on fifa 10?

If you are using the same XBL account then it automatically carries over your profile to fifa 10, if you are using a different account then there is no way of doing this.

Are tissues composed of cells from the same origin?

Yes, tissues are composed of cells from the same origin.

How to do a long pass on fifa 09 wii?

Same as shoot

How do you get the fifa 12 duplicator?

you get the same player twice xDDD