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no i do not thinck the the ship in national treasure is real because it blows up


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If you're talking about National Treasure, Charlotte is a ship.

There was a boat named Charlotte. But it's not the one in the movie. The real Charlotte sailed from Portsmouth to Port Jackson, Sydney and carried 88 male and 20 female convicts.

The National Treasure movies are fiction, so no.

The main character who looks for the treasure in national treasure is ben gates (character name.) His real name is Nicholas cage.

It means there is a secret or a clue leading to a treasure map like in National Treasure 2004 movie.

In the first National Treasure, the decleration of Independence is kept in the National Archives. The Silence Dogood letters, which are real but don't have a code to find "the templar treasure" are kept in the Benjamin Franklin Museum, most likely in Philadelphia. hopefully i answered your question. :)

Yes She was in National Treasure

NO it is a replica of the real one but the real one doesn't have secrete compartments

The wreckage of a Colonial ship, the Charlotte, containing a Meerschaum pipe engraved with a riddle.

how can i get the National Treasure the book of secrets

National Treasure was released on 11/19/2004.

The Production Budget for National Treasure was $100,000,000.

In some ways, yes. A lot of the clues are based on real history, but there's no treasure map on the back of The Declaration of Independence.

The Book of Secerets is not real! It's on a movie! (National Treasure)

The duration of National Treasure - film - is 2.18 hours.

1.National Treasure (2004)2.National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

national treasure 1 is real because there is real hidden message on the back of it the only thing is not real is when you take lemons to the d.o.n.d.p you will mess it up and damage it and 2:22 is really in the hall of Independence with an burned imprint :)

"National Treasure" is the name of the show! How WEIRD!!!!

national treasure 2 defo its brilliant

Yes. It is Republic of Korea national treasure number 86.

National Treasure grossed $347,405,002 worldwide.

First National Bank of Charlotte was created in 1865.

My belief is yes. All the facts in National Treasure are true. but there is in fact A REAL TREASURE that we know of. For example, the Liberty bell was cast by Past and Stow. But the clues all put together should lead to a treasure . But please, ask the FBI before you steal the Declaration of Independence! :) I hope i answered your question :)

A few include 'National Treasure', and 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets'.

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