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Yes, the Pulse R76 clip requires a quick wind-up after releasing a certain number of pellets.

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Q: Is the Crosman airsoft pulse r76 repeater airsoft gun have a wind clip?
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Do you have a clip for crosman 622 pell clip repeater 22 cal.?

Yes,I carry clips for the crosman 622 air rifle. I can be reached @

Is the crosman pulse r76 airsoft gun full metal?

No, the grip(s) are rubber, the clip IS metal, the gearbox is also metal, but other than that, most of it is aluminum, or HIGH QUALITY plastic. And by HIGH QUALITY, means it is the best plastic.

What is the value of a 622 pell clip repeater by crosman in exelent condition working6?

It would be worth right around $95 in Excellent condition.

Can you use a crosman c11 clip in a crosman p10?

Yes they are the same clip.

Do you have to use the same clip for crosman p10?

The same Clip as what.... It uses the same clip as several other Crosman products

Where can you find a 622 cal clip repeater air rifle?

Crosman no longer makes the Model 622. It was in production from 1971 to 78. I don't believe you can find one in a store anymore.

Does the crosman Remington air master have a clip?

No there is no Clip.

Would an airsoft sniper clip work in a airsoft m14?



Remove the Clip, open the Breech, And shove a cleaning rod down the barrel and force the BB back out. Do not reuse the BB.

What is the price of a Crossman 622 pell clip repeater?

The Crosman 622 has been out of production since 1978. Crosman no longer even supports the air rifle. I know of no store that sells them anymore. Therefor if you find one for sale you will have to decide if you want to pay what the seller is asking. Beware this model has a high failure history.

Does any have a clip for a crosman 357 for sale?

Contact Crosman service department the same clip is used in the current model 3657 pistol. See the link Below.

Where to buy an m14 spring airsoft rifle spare clip?

Airsoft Megastore 7.00$ -Jeff