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No. There is not a cabinet position for NASA.

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No. There is not a cabinet position for NASA.

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Q: Is the NASA on of the cabinet departments?
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How many cabinet departments are there?

There are 14 departments of the us cabinet

How many cabnit departments are there?

In the USA there are 356 Cabinet Departments

Who must approve the heads of the cabinet departments?

The Senate must approve the heads of the cabinet departments.

Why were independent agencies set up outside the cabinet departments?

Their responsibilities did not fit within the Cabinet departments.

Who is the executive of the United States?

The president, the cabinet, and departments under the cabinet membersthe president, the Cabinet, and departments under the cabinet members

What do you call the group of departments heads who aid the us president?


The number of departments the president has in his cabinet is?

President Obama has 15 departments in his White House Cabinet. Read more, below.

Independent executive agency?

The government not accounted for by cabinet departments, independent regulatory commissions, and government corporations. Its administrators are typically appointed by the president and serve at the president's pleasure. NASA is an example

What are the 9 cabinet departments?

secretary of.....

The people who head the major departments in the executive branch are in?

Cabinet members. A link to the men and women currently in the president's cabinet, and which departments they head, can be found below.

Who is the federal cabinet department?

Are you asking who heads the departments? There are several Cabinet Departments. Homeland Security is just one of many.

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cabinet ministers are responsible for departments such as health, education, etc.