Is the Rock Investment group a scheme?

Yes, I believe it was under Larry McGary. He has been asked to leave and attorney's for The Rock Investment Group have filed to have him legally removed. This is as of December 2011.

He may have published fancy documents and sweet-talked a lot of people, but the bottom line is that a lot of money was put in and nothing has come out.

Do an internet search and you can see all sorts of documents posted that are related to this.

He took many people's money, bought cheap land leases in Elko, NV and then did what is considered wildcat drilling. From people who were aware of how he was operating, there were many financial discrepancies, hence the reason he has been removed.

There is little evidence that the area where he is drilling will yield oil.

However, I think the new Board is trying to salvage something. There were rumors that someone wanted to buy their leases, but I believe that was Larry trying to build up some hype.

Larry has SEC sanctions against him in Florida and in Idaho.

Stay far away.