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no it can't be because it is a fiction 3d movie

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no vastatosaurus rex is not real dinosaur it was just a idea for the king kong movie by peter Jackson

The 'real life' King Kong was an eighteen inch metal armature.

Rex IS his real name. But his real SURNAME is ancient.

Giganto The Real King Kong - 2005 TV is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:PG

In the American version of the battle, Godzilla lost and probably drowned. In the Japanese version, King Kong lost the battle. The answer above is right but in real Godzilla King Kong is tiny to Godzilla and Godzilla cant be drowned.So the American version is wrong

No facts have proven that anything of his sort or size ever existed

In the Japanese version, he did. ^A common misconception. In both versions, kong won. Godzilla would win in real life, though.

it is naomi watts, just like in the real movie

Skull Island is the fictional Indian Ocean island that is the setting for "King Kong".

Yes, brontosaurus was a real dinosaur. Technically, the commonly accepted current name for the Brontosaurus is Apatosaurus.

Yes. A scientist has proven that by using chicken D.N.A. you could re-create a dinosaur. He claimed that he would have a real dinosaur in the next 5 years.

Yes, King Kong is a true story. If you don't know this don't tell your children. King Kong was actually a 50 foot gorilla, yes, except he didn't have a crush on agirl in real life, or got shot. In real life Kong is a savage beast, that will try to kill anything in its path. Has your child ever told you: "Mommy, there's a black creature in my room!" And of coarse, you just say;"Its just a shadow, sweetheart." Well actually that is Kongstomping around, and that'Black Figure' is his shadow.Which is to say, no it is not. It is an allegory.

Godzilla 1954-1960 lose 1961-2009 win yeah that's what I'm talking about you not real Godzilla fan. the old Godzilla and the new Godzilla would both kick king Kong's behind old or new king Kong

Kong Fuzi or 'Master Kong.'

Kong Futsu. It means Master Kong.

it is true that dinosaur are true and real that's right crocodiles are a species of dinosaur

Yes, Utahraptor was a real dinosaur from the Cretaceous period. It was a realtive of velociraptor.

"Barney the Dinosaur " .

Thunder LIZARD, you mean. The brontosaurus. Trouble is, brontosaurus isn't a "real" dinosaur: he's made of parts of two different dinosaurs, the apatosaurus and the camarasaurus. ("Deceptive lizard" and "lizard as big as a room")

As real as the story of Cinderella and Snow White. Idiot.

yes he is very real and was the messia of the dinosaur age

I think your talking about the tuatara, but it isn't a dinosaur. It only lived with them.

Yes, Baryonyx was a real dinosaur. Baryonyx lived in early Cretaceous Europe between 130-125 million years ago.

yes dinosaur exist but not today

Yes, they were small carnivores.