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Is the Viper Club owned by Johnny Depp?

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I believe Depp sold his interest in the Viper Club years ago, after his friend River Pheonix died outside on the sidewalk.

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Are Johnny Depp and river phoenix related?

No, Johnny Depp and River Pheonix are not related. However, River Pheonix was at the night club Johnny owns, The Viper Room, the night that he died.

What was the name of the bar that Johnny Depp part owned in Paris?

He owns one in LA, the Viper Room on 8852 Sunset Blvd.

Is there a Johnny Depp fan club online?

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Was there ever been a guy named river?

River Phoenix actor,died at the snakepit club on drugs which was owned by johnny depp.

What was the name of the Viper Room before it became the Viper Room?

The Original Name of the Viper Room, before being owned by Johnny Depp was, "The Central" Chuck E. Weiss' ( from Ricky Lee Jones and Tom Waits songs) a singer in his own right, was a performer there for decades.

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Is it true that Johnny Depp will show up to The Viper Room to see Yachtley Crew play on June 23rd?

Its a rumor sparked in Johnny Depp forums and reddit. Some are saying they saw him tweet something about yachtley crew and yacht rock at the viper room. Everyone is still waiting for a screenshot.

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