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No, it's a rumor and any videos or screenshots found of this "murderer" are photoshoped. The closest to dying your pet can get is to being sick, which is curable.

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Who is the Webkinz murderer?

There is no such thing as "the Webkinz murderer" and the sheer idea is utter silliness. Webkinz World is intended to be for kids and therefore would not feature anything nearly as scary and gory as a murderer.

Webkinz estore do you pay Webkinz money or real money?

You pay real money.

Is there a Webkinz store?

in real life no but on Webkinz there is millions

Are Webkinz real?

the stuffed animals are but not real animals. Webkinz are real stuffed animals, but are not actual animals. They are not alive.

Can you get a Webkinz code?

Get any kind of real webkinz product or a webkinz plush and you will get a code.

Is Jason Voorhees a real murderer?

No, Jason Voorhees is a fictional character in the Friday the 13th movies. Yes, he is a murderer in the movie but not in real life, no.

Can webkinz drond in a pool?

in the real pool yes but on webkinz no they swim

Is a webkinz real?


Is the clown statue murderer real?


Can you show a real webkinz code?

I can't post pictures but you can see webkinz codes wherever webkinz are sold.

How can you make your a webkinz?

Buy a Webkinz and go! It's real easy.

Can you have a boyfriend on Webkinz?

Yes you can because you have all sorts of webkinz and if you have a real boyfriend you can play with them on webkinz assuming they have one twol

What is Webkinz signiture?

I think a webkinz signature is a webkinz that looks more real and you get an exclusive item with is or something but they are really expensive.

Is the webkinz Rudolph real?

there are three

What is a REAL code for webkinz?


Where do you get a webkinz bookmark in the game webkinz?

You can't get a bookmark on the website Webkinz, but if you buy one in real life, it comes with a code that will allow you to unlock something on Webkinz.

Where can you get a codeshop code for webkinz?

buy a figure. buy some webkinz clothes for real.

Does anyone have a REAL unused webkinz adoption code?

You can get a unused webkinz code from a store or online. The Ganz Estore provides webkinz and webkinz accessories. Stores such as Toyrus or Hallmark also offer webkinz.

Are webkinz real in real life?

yes LOL of course not! :-D

What is a real unsed webkinz code please?

bfj6883nmf8e is one of the webkinz codes so ya

Is there a Webkinz sabortooth tiger plushie?

In Webkinz W shop, no. But there IS a Webkinz sabortooth tiger doll. You can buy one for real life and that's a toy.

What is the most famous webkinz?

I think it's Plumpy the Advice Hippo. She's actually a real Webkinz.

Can you wash a webkinz pink pony?

In Webkinz, you can. But if you want to wash your doll for real life, they'll be soaked!

Is there a real life webkinz car?

Theres a Webkinz VAN but that's only for the webkinz team. i don't think theres a car u can buy and drive

Is the pink and blue pony webkinz a real animal?

no it is not