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No, Big Ben is about 1 mile to the east of Buckingham Palace.

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Q: Is the Westminster Abbey opposite big ben?
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What is near Westminster abbey?

The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Downing Street, Whitehall etc/

Is Big Ben connected to Westminster Abbey?

No Big Ben is the main bell (it sounds the hours) in the clock tower situated at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament in the Place of Westminster, London. The Clock Tower is the world's biggest four-faced, chiming clock. Westminster Abby is a church near to the Palace of Westminster but not part of it.

What are the top 5 famous buildings in great Britain?

Buckingham Palace, Edinburgh Castle, Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey.

How big is Westminster Abbey in square feet?


What is east of Westminster palace?

Big Ben

What is the exact location of eye of London?

The London Eye is on the south bank of the river Thames, next to Westminster Bridge and opposite Big Ben.

Why was Big Ben put in Trafalgar Square?

Big Ben is not in Trafalgar Square, it is at Westminster Palace.

How tall is the ride Big Ben?

Big Ben is not a ride. It is a bell in the clocktower of the Palace of Westminster.

What is the topography of big ben?

Big Ben is a bell, part of the clock in the tower of the Palace of Westminster.

What is the purpose of the Westminster abbey?

because it is a big church and it is open for monkstouristsand royals

What is just east of Westminster palace?

Big Ben is at he eastern end of the Palace of Westminster.

Which is the nearest tube station to big ben?