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On January 8, 1942, Technician Third Class (T/3), Technician Fourth Class (T/4), and Technician Fifth Class (T/5) were added to the rank insignia. On September 4, 1942, a "T" was added to the standard chevron design that corresponded with that grade. A technician was not addressed as one such, but rather as the neighboring rank in its pay grade (T/5 as Corporal; T/4 as Sergeant; T/3 as Staff Sergeant). A technician did not have the authority to give commands or issue orders.

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What rank is gunnery sergeant in the marines equal to army?

Gunnery Sergeant is pay grade E7, and the equivalent Army rank is Sergeant First Class.

What army rank is equivalent to navy chief?

Sergeant First Class

What is the equivalent rank in the world war 2 soviet army of a us army staff sergeant?

It simply Translates to Senior Sargeant. In Russian its like this "ста́рший сержа́нт"

What rank comes after sergeant?

in the army its staff sergeant.

What is a higher rank in the army coproal or sergeant?

Sergeant is a higher rank than Corporal.

Which rank has the same pay grade as a master sergeant?

Master Sergeant in the Army is pay grade E8. First Sergeant is the other Army E8 rank.

Is a lieutenant higher rank than a sergeant of the army?

Lowest officer rank (second lieutenant) is higher than the highest enlisted rank (sergeant of the army).

What does army tech 5 mean on a tombstone?

it is an old school army rank, equivalent to todays army Sergeant E5 Actually it is equivalent to a corporal E4, not an E5. a Tech rank was authorized in 1942 and done away with in 1948. a Tech 5 = E4; while a Tech 4(3 stripes)=a sergeant

What is Edgar Allan Poe's rank in Army?

Poe was discharged from the army with the rank of Sergeant Major.

What is the highest NCO rank in the US Army?

Sergeant Major of the Army is the highest rank NCO.

What rank comes after corporal?

In most armies, it's Sergeant. Some armies are structured a little different, though. For example, the Canadian Forces has a "Master Corporal" rank which is equivalent to a US Army Sergeant, while the French equivalent is "Corporal-Chef", which comes between Corporal and Sergeant.

How do you spell sergeant in the army?

The military or police rank is spelled sergeant. (normally a non-commissioned enlisted rank)

If you are master sergeant in the army and held the rank as first sergeant can you retirement as first sergeant?


Has there ever been a medic Sergeant Major of the Army?

There is no such rank as Medic Sergeant Major of the Army. There is a Sergeant Major of the Army and regardless of his specialty, it is just SMA.

What is an E9 in the army?

An E-9 in the Army is the pay grade that denotes the rank of Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major, and Command Sergeant Major of the Army.

What is the highest rank for an enlisted Army soldier?

Sergeant Major of the Army

Can A SFC in the US army lose his rank?

Anyone in the US Army can lose their rank - in the late 1990s, the Sergeant Major of the Army was demoted. It's not as easy for an SFC to lose their rank as, say, a Specialist or Sergeant, but it can happen.

Is Sergeant Major a rank in the Army anymore?


Was there ever the army rank of sergeant general?

No, there wasn't.

What rank in the army wear 3 stripes?


What is equivalent rank in the US Army of British Army Warrant Officer 2?

See the info in the above link is accurate, the equivalent rank would be First Sergeant, since US Army Companies usually have a First Sergeant as their non-commissioned officer in charge (NCOIC); not always, however.

How do you spell sargeant as in the army?

The correct spelling for the military rank is Sergeant.Sergeant is also used as a rank in most Police Forces around the world.The insignia badge is normally 3 stripes.

What is the highest rank an enlisted person can achieve in the army?

Sergeant Major of the Army.

At what rank was Elvis Presley upon his discharge from the army?

Elvis was a SERGEANT in the Army

Is there an army ranger rank of major sergeant?

In the US Army, most major units have a Sergeant Major (E-9).