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Is the big line or small line the suction in a central AC system?

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Q: Is the big line or small line the suction in a central AC system?
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What is the difference between the small line and the big line on a central air unit?

the big line is the suction for the the compressor in the A/C unit, The small line is the compressor discharge that goes to the furnace

What is the difference between suction lift and suction head?

suction lift exists when the source of supply is below the central line of the pump. suction head exists when the source of supply is above the central line of the pump.

How do you tell the suction line in central air conditioning from the high side line?

The suction line will be the larger line going into the compressor.

Is the small line the liquid line in a central ac system?

Yes. They are.

What is the liquid line and suction line?

The suction line is the big one. This line should be cold when the unit is on. The small line is the liquid line.

How do you quailify for refrigerant recovery epa certification?

A suction line filter is added to the system for a different purpose than the liquid line dryer. A suction line filter is added:A : to keep acidic oil in the system from working its way back into the new compressor.B because the suction makes the acid removal better.C because the suction line is cold and full of acid.D all of the above.

Ere is the low port for recharging air conditioner on 1989 Chevrolet Caprice?

You always use the largest a/c line to re-charge the system..It is the "suction side" The small line is the high pressure line.

Why compressor suction line ice forming in a refrigeration system?

air contains moisture & suction line is very cold both in contact moisture turns into ice. just a joke

How do you know if you have a leak in the central air unit?

The system will not cool if it is low on refrigerant. Check the suction line and see if it feels cold and is sweating. The suction line is the larger of the 2 and is covered in black insulation. If it is not sweating or if it is warm to the touch, you are probably low on refrigerant. If you have to have refrigerant added more than once, it's a sure bet there is a leak in the system.j3h.

How should an air conditioner suction line feel to the touch?

A suction line is usually cold to the touch.

Is the suction line the high side?

No, the liquid (discharge) line is the high pressure side. The suction line is the low pressure side.

What side of compressor is suction on 5.9 V8 1996 Dodge?

The larger line is suction. The larger line is the suction side which should be on the right side of the compressor......

Why is the suction line of a pump larger than the discharge line?

It is common practice to specify the pump suction line one size larger than the pump discharge line in order to increase the Net Positive Suction Head available (NPSHA) to the pump. A smaller suction line the same pipe size as the discharge line would result in more pressure drop in the suction line and reduce the amount of head available to the suction side of the pump. This in turn would result in an operating point closer to cavitation of the pump.

What indicates a problem while inspecting a suction line of an air conditioner?

"What" on the suction line of an air conditioner indicates a problem?

AC compressor sweating?

Caused from over charging system. Should have a good sweat up to the compressor on the suction line.

What is the normal gauge pressure on the suction line of a running refrigerator?

It depends if it has suction cups on its shoes or not

What is a suction line on an Air Conditioner?

The suction line connects the evaporator outlet and the compressor intlet. Low pressure refrigerator vapour is drawn from the evaporator to the compressor through this line.

Is there a safe DIY for complete removal of a split-system central air?

Close the liquid line servica valve ( the smaller sized line). Push in the compressor contactor and hold for a few minutes, then release. Touch the suction line schrader valve with a small screwdriver. If there is still pressure in the system operate compressor for a few more minutes and recheck. When no more pressure exists or a vacuum is noted, all refrigerant has been pumped into the outdoor unit and is safe to cut lines and remove components inside the home. Remember to close the suction side service valve also as if the compressor has leaky valves, the refrigerant will leak out of it. lc

Why is your suction line warm?

your starving the evaporator

Which vacuum model has the strongest suction?

The Hoover Vaccum line has been know to have strong suction and reliability.

Where must a suction line drier be placed in a heat pump after a motor burnout?

Between compressor suction and reversing valve,also called true suction.

How do you determine what suction pressure should be in R22 air conditioning compressors suction line?

The proper suction pressure of any air conditioning or refrigeration system is determined by the type of refrigerant used and sometimes the amount of charge. : Suction pressure used is also directly related to the temperature required. : The temperature required in the evaporator relates to the pressure required in the suction line since, the fluid is at saturation in the evaporator. : Knowing the temperature required, use the fluid's saturation tables to find the corresponding pressure required.

What is the superheat if the suction pressure is 60 psig and the suction line temperature is 40 degrees?

-5 something is wrong

Where is your suction water line for your house?

aint' no such thing!!!

Comparration diameter size of suction and discharge?

The diameter of the discharge line leaving the ac compressor would be smaller than the suction line, because the compressed gas in the discharge line is more dense.