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Whether or not the boiling point of neon is negative depends on the temperature scale used to describe the boiling point. If the boiling point is given in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the boiling point is negative. However, in Kelvin, which cannot be negative, the boiling point is positive.

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The boiling point of neon is -246.048 º C

(negative) -415.5 degrees Fahrenheit The boiling point is -410.9 (F)

Whats the melting point of neon?

The boiling point of Neon is -246.048 º C The melting point of Neon is -248.67 º C

O2 has a boiling point of -183 degree centigrade while neon has a boiling point of -246 degree centigrade. So, Oxygen has a comparatively higher boiling point than Neon.

Melting point −248.67°C Boiling point −245.95°C

Melting point: -248.6°C Boiling point: -246.1°C

Boiling point of"Ne" is 27.07 K,Freezing point of Ne is 24.56 K

---- "The boiling point of Neon is -246.048 º C.The melting point of Neon is -248.67 º C." ----

The density of neon at a gas state is 0.89990g/l. The density of neon at its boiling point is 1.207g/cm3.

the boiling point, melting point, density, thermal conductivity.

Neon has a boiling point of -246.1 °C below this temperature Neon would be in liquid state

Boiling: -246.08 ˚C Melting/Freezing:-248.67 ˚C

Neon is defined as: a colorless odorless gaseous element that give a red glow in a vacuum tube; one of the six inert gasses; occurs in the air in small amount. Neon is neither a melting or boiling point.

The intermolecular forces in neon are weaker than those in methane

Why does Argon has a higher boling point that Neon?

Melting point 24.56 K (-248.59 °C, -415.46 °F) Boiling point 27.07 K (-246.08 °C, -410.94 °F)

Neon, Ne, with the smallest difference (2 K) between melting point (25 K) and boiling point (27 K)

Its melting point is -248.59 °C and its boiling point is -246.08 °C

It requires more energy to heat more electrons and protons than has higher boiling point

Neon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas with a boiling point of -410.66°F (-245.92°C), and a freezing pointof -415.5°F (-248.6°C).

because Xenon has more polarizable electrons.

stronger intermolecular forces of attraction

Neon (Ne) Melting point: 24.56 K, -248.59 °C, -415.46 °F Boiling point: 27.07 K, -246.08 °C, -410.94 °F

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