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Down town sacramento

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Q: Is the building where The Mentalist is filmed located in Sacramento or los angeles?
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Where is the building that The Mentalist is filmed located?

The Mentalist is filmed in California.

Which city is located father west Sacramento or Los Angeles?

it is sacramento

Where is the California state capitol building?

It is located in the capital, Sacramento.

Where is California's stat caoitol bulding located?

California's state capitol building is located in its capital of Sacramento.

Where is the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles located?

The U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles is located at 633 West Fifth Street. It is the tallest building in Los Angeles and also the tenth tallest building in the U.S.

Where is the Holiday Inn Sacramento located?

The Holiday Inn in Sacramento is located in located in the state of California in the United States. The Sacramento Holiday Inn is located at 300 J Street in Sacramento, California.

Capital of Los Angeles?

No. The capital of California is Sacramento. Los Angeles is California's largest city.Under Spanish rule, the capital of California had been Monterey, where the first Constitutional Convention and state elections were held in 1849. After 1850, when California's statehood was ratified, the legislature met in San Jose, Vallejo, and Benicia. Sacramento was named the capital of California in 1854 after the California State Legislature moved there. In 1879, in a Constitutional Convention, Sacramento was named the permanent state capitol.No, Sacramento is

Where is the California State Bar Association located?

The California State Bar Association is located in three locations. The main office is in San Francisco. The other two are in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Where is is Sacramento?

The city of Sacramento is located in the State of California.

Could you name the NBA teams located in the Pacific Time Zone?

Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Seattle Supersonics, Portland Trailblazers, Golden State Warriors

What is the building in Sacramento called where the governor lives?

It's located in the neighborhood known as the "Fabulous Forties". I have never heard a specific name for the mansion therefore; I am going to name it now. It's called... "The House of SHAME".

Where is the cal strs building located?

The Cal STRS headquarters is located in West Sacramento. The mailing address is 100 Waterfront Place, West Sacramento CA 95605. The Member Service Center is on the lobby level left of the security desk when entering from the front door.