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no its in china...shanghai to Beijing...or Beijing to shanghai

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Q: Is the bullet train the fastest train in America?
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Is the bullet train the fastest train?


Fastest train in japan?

japanese bullet train

Why is the bullet train famous?

The bullet train is famous because of it's speed. This train is the fastest in the world. It was created by the Japanese.

What train is the fastest moving train?

The Shinkensen bullet trains in japan

What is the fastest Japanese transportation?

The fastest means of transportation is the Shinkansen or the famous bullet train which is also the fastest high speed train in the world.

How is the bullet train constructed?

Watch "Big Bigger Biggest fastest train" on youtube.

What are fastest trains in the world?

I think it is still the Japanese bullet train.

How fast can the fastest train travel?

The Fastest Train,which is a Bullet Train can travel 311 miles per hour according to the China Daily after a trial run. CSR Corp. is the train's manufacturer.

How fast can a bullet train go?

The fastest so far is the TGV in France, where a train reached about 357 mph for a limited time.Japan has the world record at 581km per hour. A modern Japanese Bullet Train can go 333km per hour. The french TGV can go at 343km per hour. But the fastest bullet train is the Chinese bullet train. It goes 487km per hour.

Where was the bullet train made?

In Japan. Japan and France are now competing against each other to see which country can build the fastest bullet train. France is currently holding that record with its bullet train at 574.8 km per hour. Isn't THAT fast?!

Information on bullet train?

it was invented in 1964. fastest train on earth. it is located in honshu , japan. It was made by technisions, mechanics, inventors, and engineers in Tokyo, Japan. It was the fastest train in the world until china beat the record at 481 kilometers per hour. Japans bullet train go's up to 381 kilometers per hour. Keep reading, Japan is making a bullet train that goes up to 500 kilometers per hour. (A world record) It's not just any train. BUY THE BULLET TRAIN NOW

When was the fastest train the world invented?

The fastest train in the world is currently made by China. The CRH302 can run at up to 300 miles per hour. The Japanese bullet train and the French TGV were pioneers in high speed rail.