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Yes, that is the climax of the book "Burned" by Ellen Hopkins. Pattyn runs away with Ethan, but they get caught, and tragically, her baby dies during childbirth. This event brings the story to its emotional peak and sets the stage for the resolution.

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Q: Is the climax of the book burned by Ellen Hopkins when pattyn runs away with Ethan but get caught abd her baby dies?
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What are the 2 main characters in the book burned by Ellen Hopkins?

Pattyn and her Aunt Jeanett

Who are the antagonist and protagonist in the book burned by Ellen Hopkins?

The protagonist in "Burned" by Ellen Hopkins is Pattyn, a teenage girl struggling to overcome the challenges in her dysfunctional family. The antagonists in the story include Pattyn's abusive father and the societal expectations that limit her freedom and self-expression.

What is the time period in the book Burned by Ellen Hopkins?

The time period is around the mid 80's. Pattyn mentions it on page 346.

Who are the main characters in burned?

In the novel "Burned" by Ellen Hopkins, the main characters are Pattyn, a teenage girl struggling with family issues and religious oppression, and Ethan, a boy who becomes a positive influence in her life. The story follows their relationship and Pattyn's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.

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