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No, the grip(s) are rubber, the clip IS metal, the gearbox is also metal, but other than that, most of it is aluminum, or HIGH QUALITY plastic. And by HIGH QUALITY, means it is the best plastic.

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Q: Is the crosman pulse r76 airsoft gun full metal?
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Crosman pulse m70 full auto electric airsoft repeater does it come with the scope?

It comes with a FAKE scope that really holds BB's.

Pulse r76 airsoft gun for sale Canada?

Go to a Walmart and you can find the pulse r76 and go to the walmart website to find it. At Walmart they sell it there for 100$ for the clear model and 130$ for the full metal model and yes you can get it in Canada walmarts (P.S you should get the full metal model one because it performs 10 times better then the clear model) have fun with the airsoft gun and wear safety glasses jest in case

What is the best full metal blow back co2 powered air soft pistol?

The best full metal blow back CO2 powered airsoft pistol is the U.S. Army Duty Calls Elite 1911 Full Metal GBB Airsoft Pistol. A close second is the 500 FPS Full Metal M87, Sport 301L.

Is a clear plastic air soft assault rifle better than a metal one?

No. Usually clear plastic airsoft guns are the worst ones you can buy. Most metal airsoft guns are high-end airsoft guns with full metal internal gears.

What is the best full metal airsoft sniper for 270 dollars?

Well I have a couple of links I will include

Is double eagle m85 airsoft gun electric airsoft electric gun part metal?

it depends on what type of double eagle m85 you buy. I bought a full metal one and it works great.

How much does the G and G Full Metal M14 Airsoft Gun?

Fps- 400 cost- $355usd

What is the range of the AGM m4a1 full metal airsoft gun?

maybe a little over 120 feet.

Is the jg m16a4 ufc airsoft gun on better then the tsd tactical gen ii full metal m16a4 airsoft gun found on

of course it is

What is better a crosman pulse r71 or r73 electric?

The R71 holds more rounds and is Semi and full auto and cost less. It's a better bang for your buck.

Jg full metal m4 cqb stubby killer upgraded airsoft electric guns length?

24.5 inches

What BB's does the Vector Arms full metal MK5A5 RAS Airsoft gun by Echo1 use?

.20 gram bbs