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750 fps./BB; 665 fps./pellet The name Power-line may be a little misleading. Modern Pellet rifles are capable of firing a pellet at 1000+ fps. But this is a combination BB and Pellet gun and as far as BB rifles goes 750 fps is a good speed for a BB. This is about as fast as they can possibly go. I own 2 of these and find them very entertaining to shoot for fun.

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Q: Is the daisy 880 power line a powerful bb gun?
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What is the fps for a daisy power line 880?

750 fps. for BBs, 665 fps. for pellets.

Can you coyote hunt with a daisy powerline 880?

I do not recommend it. Its not quite powerful enough

What scope's work with the daisy power line 880?

The 880 has an 11 mm dovetail mount. This BB/pellet rifle is fairly inexpensive and it works fine with a simple 4x10 scope, to put a more powerful scope would cost more than the rifle's base price. Daisy makes a 4x10 scope that works fine with this rifle

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

How do you sight a power line 880 bb gun?

How much is a limited edition power line 880 20th anniversary Daisy airgun?

It all depends on the current condition of the rifle

Where can you buy a daisy 880 powerline in the UK?

go to Ronnie Sunshines on the internet and type in daisy powerline 880 you can get one for about £40

What is the price of a Daisy powerline 880?

The current price for the Daisy 880s with scope is about $48

What year is a Model 880 with Lot Number 059601306?

Daisy has be making the model 880 sense 1972. Your best bet is to contact Daisy directly. They offer a free service to give you more information about your old Daisy. See the link below.

How many pumps can a daisy powerline 880 take?

Never pump it more than 10 times, according to Daisy

Does the barska ac 1000 scope fit on the daisy powerline 880?

Yes, but you will need 11mm clamps on the rings for the dovetail mountings on the 880.

Schematics for a 799190720 daisy BB gun?

This is the Daisy Model 880. Try Customer service at Daisy. They may be able to direct you. See the link below.

Can you pump a daisy 880 to 40?

Your question is unclear.. but i will do my best to answer you the best possible. There are two possible interpretations of what i THINK your asking me."Can you pump a Daisy Powerline 880 40 times?"or"Should you pump a Daisy Powerline 880 40 times?"Yes, you CAN pump it 40 times... but it causes severe internal damage to the gun's firing mechanism. It can cause the gun to malfunction and not work properly.