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Not exactly- the electoral college is made up of electors whom the voters elect when they vote for president. The electors are sworn to vote for a certain candidate and voters vote for the elector who will vote they way they want.

The names of the electors usually do not appear on the ballot.The electoral college votes after the national election is over,


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A candidate has to win 270 or more electoral votes.

The members of the Electoral College are the ones who actually vote for the President. Most of the voters don't realize it, but they are voting for someone who will be a member of the Electoral College and who pledges to vote for a particular candidate.

The citizens are the voters for the electoral college.

The electoral college was formed because some people thought that regular voters wouldn't have enough information about each candidate

The president of the United States is not elected by direct popular vote, but rather by the electoral college. A mere 538 people, chosen by voters in all the states are the ones who actually elect the president. The candidate with the majority of electoral votes wins the presidency.

we don't,the Electoral College does

The Electoral College is a mechanism that elects the President and Vice President of United States. These offices are not directly elected by the voters of the U.S.

Yes. If you consider the "majority of voters" to be a majority of voters nationwide without regard to the state they are from, then it is possible for a person to be elected president if he/she wins enough electoral even if nationwide the majority of voters chose the other candidate. This is because electoral votes are counted state by state not on a percentage basis of the national voters (except for Maine and Nebraska).

The Electoral College makes the decision to elect the Vice President and President of the U.S. The voters do not actually make this decision.

The role of the electoral college is to make the formal selection of the nation's president. In the US, The President and Vice President are actually not elected directly by the voters.

The electoral college which is directly elected by voters elects the president.

Our representatives and the electoral college, and they do not have to listen to the majority of the voters.

INdirectly by the voters; directly by the Electoral College.

The majority of votes in the general election does not matter. Rather, it is the vote of the electoral college (elected by voters) which decides who becomes president.

The electoral college. The electoral college was created at the founding of the USA. It was the electoral college, not the voters, who elected Benjamin Harrison and George W. Bush (2000) president of the United States of America.

The candidate who receives a majority of electoral votes (270) wins the Presidency. The number 538 is the sum of the nation's 435 Representatives, 100 Senators, and 3electorsgiven to the District of Columbia. Every four years, voters go to the polls and select a candidate for President and Vice-President.

No. In the US, the presidential election is through the electoral college.

The members of the electoral college who are from Texas are elected by the registered voters of Texas, just as every other member of the electoral college is elected by the registered voters of his/her state. The public has never elected a U. S. President. When you think you are voting for president, you are actually voting for the people who will elect the president.

The US president is formally elected by group of electors from each state, known as the electoral college. The candidates for elector are pledged to support one particular presidential candidate and the voters choose the electors they want.

The electors from each state actually elect the president. The voters elect the electors.The Electoral College

Voters cast ballots for the President in an election. Each state has a number of electoral votes. When a candidate wins the popular vote for THAT state, they are awarded the electoral votes for that state. The candidate with the greatest number of electoral votes (not the greatest number of popular votes) is the winner of the election

Yes, because the voters don't choose the President and Vice President; they choose the electors who choose the President and Vice President. A person can be elected President without a majority of electoral votes, too. It happened in 1824. If no candidate has an absolute majority (more than half) of all of the electoral votes, the House of Representatives elects the President, and they are not required to vote according to the will of the voters or the electoral college. Since 1964, that required minimum number of votes is 270.

popular vote-noun1.the vote for a U.S. presidential candidate made by the qualified voters, as opposed to that made by the electoral college. Compare electoral vote.2.the vote for a candidate, issue, etc., made by the qualified voters, as opposed to a vote made by elected representatives

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