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No. Very brittle.

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Is germanium ductile?

No, germanium is very brittle.

Is ductile a element?

ductile is not an element. ductile is a property of an element

Is germanium a element?

Yes, germanium is an element.

Is germanium a compound element?

Germanium is an element, not a compound.

Is germanium a man made element?

Germanium (Ge) is a natural element.

Is the element neptunium ductile?

Neptunium is a ductile metal.

Do germanium have property of ductility and malleability?

no, it is less ductile and malleable than is glass.

Is the element silicon ductile?

No, it is a semi conductor so it is not ductile.

Is zirconium a ductile element?

Yes, zirconium is a ductile metal.

How many protons does germanium have?

The element germanium has 32 protons.

How many protons are in the element germanium?

Germanium has 32 protons.

Is the element mercury a ductile?

yes mercury is ductile but not at room temperatures.

Is the element carbon ductile?


Is ductile tucstan an element?


What is the diference between an element and a compound?

An element is a single substance where as a compound is a combination of elements eg germanium is an element where as germanium arsenide is a compound....!

How reactive is germanium?

Germanium is an element that reacts naturally to other substances.

When was the element germanium discovered?

Germanium was discovered in 1886 by Clemens A. Winkler.

What is the state of matter for the element germanium?

Germanium is a solid at room temperature.

What element is in transistors?


What the element of Germany?


Is germanium an element?

Yes, it is.

Is germanium a synthetic element?


Is sodium chloride or germanium an element?

Germanium is anatural chemical element (Ge). Sodium chloride (NaCl) is a compound.

A reddish lustrous ductile malleable metal element?

A reddish lustrous ductile malleable metal element? COPPER!!!XD

How ductile is nitrogen?

Nitrogen isn't a non metal and hence it is not a ductile element.