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Yes, the fennec fox is a mammal.

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Does the fennec fox have a vertebrae?

As the Fennec Fox is a mammal, it does have a vertebra.

Is the fennec a mammal?

Yes it is a mammal so it is warm blooded

What is an mammal that lives in the Sahara Desert?

The fennec fox is a mammal of the Sahara.

Is a fennec fox a mammal?

Well of COURSE!Fennec foxes are mammals because they give birth live.Just ask yourself are foxes mammals?um... yes, a fox is a mammal

Fennec fox care for their young?

yes, they do like any mammal

Is a fennec fox an herbivore?

No, the fennec fox is an omnivore.

A mammal in the Sahara Desert?

The fennec fox, the worlds smallest foz, is a mammal that lives in the Sahara Desert Camels live in the Sahara Desert

What is the population of the fennec fox?

The population of the Fennec Fox is unknown

Is the fennec fox extinct?

No, the fennec fox is in no danger of extinction.

When was Fennec fox created?

Fennec fox was created in 1780.

Is a fennec fox an endangered animal?

No, the fennec fox is not endangered.

Is fennec a bird?

no, a Fennec is a fox.

Are their legends about the fennec fox?

"Is Fennec Foxes the smallst fox in the worled?"

Is the fennec fox internal?

Yes, the fennec fox has internal fertilization.

Is the fennec fox another name for the bat eared fox?

is the bat earned fox related to the fennec fox

Is a fennec fox a carnivore?

No, the fennec fox is an omnivore as it eats both plants and animals.

What biome does the fennec fox live in?

The fennec fox lives in the Sahara Desert.

What is fennec fox's hibernation?

The fennec fox does not hibernate. There is no species of fox that hibernates.

How does a fennec fox defend itself?

the Fennec fox defends itself by its claws

How long is a fennec fox pregnant?

A fennec fox is pregnant for 50 days

Is desert fox another name for the fennec?

Yes, the fennec fox is also called the desert fox.

In what deserts do fennec foxes live?

The fennec fox or fennec is a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara of North Africa.

How many pups can a fennec fox have?

A fennec fox can have 2-5 cubs in a litter.

Is the fennec fox an endangered species?

No the fennec fox is listed as "Least Concern." It is not endangered.

What is the price of a fennec fox?

what is the cheapest price for a Fennec fox?They sell for .$400-$800

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