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Is the harp seal a water animal?

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Yes. All seals are water animals. They move poorly on land.

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What animal group does the Harp Seal belong in?

Harp Seals are mammals

Why does a mother harp seal push the harp seal pup in the water?

to learn how to swim

Is a harp seal an Arctic animal?


What is the harp seal animal group?

Pagophilus groenlandicus is there animal group

What is the rarest animal out of a harp seal or a reindeer?

The harp seal is the rarest. Last Seen:1989 in PARK ZOO in South Africa.

What colors are harp seal pups?

Skylar had a harp seal pup,harp seal pup, harp seal pup. Skylar had a harp seal's fur was white as snow.Yep it was.

Is a harp seal a type of seal?

yes a harp seal is a type of seal

Is a harp seal a meat looking animal?

Meat eating-yes.

Does a harp seal live in sea water?


What is a harp seal covered in?

A harp seal is covered in fur.

What do you need to make a harp seal?

A mommy harp seal and a daddy harp seal. Want details? Ask your parents.

What environment does a harp seal live in?

Harp seals spend most of their time in cold water oceans.

How much the harp seal weight?

the weight of the harp seal is 150

What is a baby harp seal called?

a baby harp seal is called a pup

What is the diet of a harp seal?

the diet of a harp seal is mostly fish and crustaceans

What is the height for a harp seal?

The height of a harp seal is 6 feet tall.

What color is an adult harp seal?

The adult harp seal is a grayish color...

What do humans hunt harp seal for?

they hunt the harp seal mainly for their fur

Can a harp seal see through the night?

Yes, Harp Seals have good night vision through water

Behavioral adaptations of a harp seal?


What is the learned behavior of the harp seal?

the harp seal learns how to swim when it is separated from its mother.

Is a harp seal endothermic or ectothermic?

A harp seal is endothermic, able to maintain its own body temperature. It is a mammal, and mammals and birds are endothermic. The term 'endothermic' is the biological term for an animal that is warm-blooded.

Why do harp seals have black eyes?

The harp seal has black eyes because it is what is advantageous to survival to the animal. This animal has developed and kept black eyes since evolving into it's current form.

Is a harbor seal another name for harp seal?

No, the Harp Seal and Harbor Seals are two different seals. However, the Common Seal is another name for the Harbor Seal.

Do harp seals breath long on water?

yes actually they do because they are in the seal family and so they have the same characteristic as a seal!!

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