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Neither. Krakatoa mostly produces ash and pumice rather than lava flows. Those lava flows that do occur are block lava flows, indicating material more viscous than a'a or pahoehoe.

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Q: Is the lava of Krakatoa AAA or pahoehoe?
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Does kilauea have pahoehoe or AAA lava?

Kilauea produced both pahoehoe and a'a. These terms refer to the texture that a basaltic lava flow can take on and do not mean a difference in composition. Ofteb Kilauea's lava starts out as pahoehoe and becomes a'a as it cools an becomes more viscous.

Does AAA lava erupt quietly?

Generally yes. A'a and pahoehoe are both varieties of basaltic lava, which usually erupts fairly quietly.

Lava that forms smooth ropelike coils when it hardens is called?


What is the difference between pahoehoe and AA lava?

The difference between Pahoehoe lava and AA lava is that pahoehoe lava is smooth and AA lava is jagged.

Is a'a or pahoehoe lava better for making lava tubes?

Lava tubes are usually produces by pahoehoe.

Lava that flows slowly to form a glassy surface with rounded wrinkles is called?

The lava is pahoehoe Lava.

Fast moving hot lava that has low viscosity is called?

Pahoehoe is fast-moving,hot lava that has low viscosity.

Are basaltic lavas a pahoehoe lava?

Not necessarily. All pahoehoe is basaltic, but not all basaltic lava is pahoehoe. A'a and scoria are also basaltic.

How are Pillow Lava and Pahoehoe lava the same?

Both pillow lava and pahoehoe lava have about the same composition and harden into a kind of rock called basalt.

What is the difference between pahoehoe and lava?

Pahoehoe is faster moving lava and AA is slower moving lava. Both types are found in basaltic type eruptions. They have different appearances. Pahoehoe is smooth and ropey where as AA is chunky and rough.(much like top of trees) Often a pahoehoe flow can change to an AA flow depending upon the type of slope it encounters. The steeper the slope the more likely AA lava will be present. Aa has more viscosity than Pahoehoe.

Which types of eruptions produce pahoehoe lava?

Pahoehoe is a type of basaltic lava flow. The kind of eruption that causes pahoehoe is a quiet volcanic eruption.

Is cerro azul AAA or pahoehoe?

Cerro Azul produces pahoehoe lava. This type of lava is a kind of basiltic lava. It flows quickly and is very fluidy. Coming from Galapagos Island in Ecuador, Cerro Azul is a shield volcano. It has erupted eleven main times in history- the latest eruption was in 2008. That's all I got.