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400 meters is a 1/4 mile - there are about 1600 meters in a mile

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What is the area of Indianapolis Zoo?

The area of Indianapolis Zoo is 258,998.8110336 square meters.

How high above sea level is Indianapolis?

Indianapolis is 715 feet (218 meters) above sea level

What is the area of Fort Harrison State Park?

The area of Fort Harrison State Park is 6,879,655.91808 square meters.

What is the olympic and world record for the mens triple jump?

World: Jonathan Edwards (18.29 meters). Olympic: Kenny Harrison (18.09 meters).

What Jamaican-Born Canadian was stripped of his 100 meters gold medal after he won it at the 1988 Olympic games?

Benjamin Johnson :-)Benjamin Johnson was stripped of his gold medal after he was tested positive for drugs in 1988.

Who holds the world's record for the longest shot by a sniper?

Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, Princess Patricia's Light Infantry, Canada, 2475 meters.

Fastest women at 100m?

The current world record in the women's 100 meters is 10.49 seconds set by Florence Griffith Joyner of the United States July 16, 1988 in Indianapolis.*

What is the record for running 100 meters men and women?

Men:100 - 9.58 Usain BoltWomen:100 - 10.49 Florence Griffith Joyner (US) Indianapolis, Indiana 7/16/88

What is the olympic high jump and triple jump record?

1) Men's High Jump: 2.39 meters by Charles Austin of the United States at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. 2) Women's High Jump: 2.06 meters by Yelena Slesarenko of Russia at the 2004 Games in Athens. 3) Men's Triple Jump: 18.09 meters by Kenny Harrison of the United States at the 1996 Games in Atlanta. 4) Women's Triple Jump: 15.39 meters by Francosie Mbango Etone of Cameroon at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

8000 meters x 20 meters equals how many cubic meters?

meters times meters will give you square meters, not cubic meters. You can't convert from square meters to cubic meters.

Who is the American triple jump record holder?

The American men's record is held by Kenny Harrison who jumped 18.09 meters at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The American women's record is held by Tiombe Hurd who jumped 14.45 meters at a meet in Sacramento, California in 2004. Note: Harrison's current American Record is also the Olympic Record.

What if your 1. 03 meters?

What if my 1.03 meters WHAT!What if my 1.03 meters WHAT!What if my 1.03 meters WHAT!What if my 1.03 meters WHAT!

What is 150 meters x 150 meters?

There are 22,500 square meters in 150 meters x 150 meters. 150 meters x 150 meters = 22,500 square meters

What is 9.144 meters X 6.096 meters into square meters?

9.144 meters x 6.096 meters = 55.741824 square meters

What is the difference between 50 meters and 5 meters?

The difference between 50 meters and 5 meters is 50 meters - 5 meters, which equals 45 meters.

How many meters are in 800 meters?

There are 800 meters in 800 meters.

How many meters in 5 meters?

There are 5 meters in 5 meters.

What is the formula for square meters?

meters times meters = square meters

How many meters are in 0.85 meters?

There are 0.85 Meters in 0.85 Meters.

How many meters are in 6.5 meters?

There are 6.5 meters in 6.5 meters.

How many meters are there in four meters?

There are 4 meters in 4 meters.

How many sq meters in an area 7.62 meters by 3.3528 meters?

7.62 meters times 3.3528 meters = 25.548336 square meters.

What is 6 meters and 79 centimeters in only meters and how do you do it?

6.79 meters - 6 meters + .79 meters (79 centimeters converted to meters)

If a room is 4 meters by 3 meters how many square meters are there?

4 meters x 3 meters = 12 square meters.

How do you convert meters to lineal meters I have 145770 meters oftimber how many lineal meters do I have?

Actually, linear meters and meters are the same. So, you have 145,770 linear meters of timber.