Is the lithosphere hotter than the asthenosphere?


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No. The asthenosphere is hotter. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets.

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Yes. The asthenosphere is molten and plastic, the lithosphere is mostly not molten and is rigid.

The asthenosphere is more dense than the lithosphere.

the lithosphere is the most rigid of all layers and the asthenosphere is a layer of hotter, softer rock in the upper mantle

The lithosphere lies on top of the asthenosphere, the weaker, hotter, deeper part of the upper mantle.

The asthenosphere is the layer of earth that lies directly under the lithosphere. This region is much hotter and more unstable than the lithosphere region.

Lithosphere is hard, while asthenosphere is weak. The lithosphere rides over the asthenosphere, while the asthenosphere carries the lithosphere.

As you proceed down into the earth, the temperature gets hotter and rock becomes more ductile (putty-like). The lithosphere is "stiffer" or more brittle because it is colder

both the lithosphere and the asthenosphere have hot matierial

No. The lithosphere moves over the asthenosphere.

The lithosphere is thinner than the asthenosphere. The former is around 100 km in thickness while the latter is around 180 km in thickness.

Lithosphere: brittle, hard, relatively colder, less dense. (where earthquakes happen due to sudden slips in rock) Asthenosphere: partially molten, hotter, denser, plastic rheology

The mantle is the layer where asthenosphere and the lithosphere are located.

No. The Asthenosphere is the layer below the Lithosphere within the Earth.

yes the asthenosphere does come beore the lithosphere

The relationship between the lithosphere and the asthenosphere is that they both make up the earth's mantle. The asthenosphere lies right below the lithosphere.

The layer that contains the lithosphere, asthenosphere and mesosphere is the mantle

The asthenosphere isbelow the lithosphere, so in other words you were correct.

the lithosphere plates float on the asthenosphere because of plasticity...

The lithosphere is cold and brittle whereas the asthenosphere is hot and dense.

The lithosphere and asthenosphere are both entirely part of Earth.

Subduction zones are regions where oceanic lithosphere descends into the asthenosphere. They occur because the subducting lithosphere has a greater density than the underlying asthenosphere.

The layer containing the Lithosphere, Asthenosphere and Mesosphere is the Mantle. The Upper Mantle composes of the Lithosphere while the Lower Mantle composes the Asthenosphere.

The topmost, solid part of the earth is called the lithosphere. The lithosphere is underlain by the asthenosphere, which is the deeper, hotter, and weaker part of the upper mantle.

The lithosphere is essentially the Earth's crust, going down to 80 km below, with two types of lithosphere. The asthenosphere is at depths between 80 km and 200 km below the surface of the Earth and is the weaker, deeper, and the hotter part of the upper mantle.

The asthenosphere is below the lithosphere

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