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The number 666 came from a brochure issued by the Louvre in the 1980's before the pyramid was built. Changes made during construction increased the number to 673.

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Q: Is the louvre pyramid really built with 666 window panes?
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When did they add the pyramid to the Louvre?

Monsieur Du Parte built Louvre pyramid

When was the glass pyramid built?

The Louvre Pyramid was built in 1989 in Paris. The pyramid sits in the courtyard of the Louvre Palace and is made entirely out of glass.

What country was the louvre pyramid built in?


Is the pyramide du Louvre on the left or right side of the Seine?

The Louvre museum and the pyramid built in its courtyard are on the right bank of the Seine river.

What structure is used for the entrance of the Louvre Museum?

Well, I don't know anything that happened in 1990, but I know that the Louvre Pyramid was completed in 1989. Hope that helps.

Who was the pyramid at the Louvre built for?

François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand, who was the president of France. He commissioned it in 1984.

Who decided to have La Pyramide du Louvre built?

The pyramid was commissioned in 1984 by the President of France at the time, Francois Mitterand.

What feature was added to the louvre in the 1980s?

A large glass pyramid was installed in the Louvre's garden during the 80s. I was heavily criticised at the time, not so much today. It was built by Chinese architect Yeo Ming Pei.

Why were the khafres pyramid built?

No one really knows.

Did the french dislike the louvre pyramid?

There was a hot debate about the Louvre pyramid back when it was built. Many people opposed it on political grounds (it was a vanity project of the then president, the Socialist Mitterand), some on the grounds that is was utterly expensive, others because they though it would disfigure the site of the Louvre palace. Probably nowadays there would be an outcry if another president planned to remove it.

Why is le musee du louvre a triangle?

the Louvre musueum isn't shaped as a triangle. It has large main parallel wings, on the banks of the Seine and on the Rue de Rivoli, which are joined by other parts. The triangle shape can be found in the modern pyramid, built in the 80s by Yeoh Ming Pei, an American architect, to give the building a sense of modernity. The Pyramid is located in the inner yard of the Louvre and serves as an entrance to the museum.

What was the louvre before it was built?

A fortress