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It's Brazilian and Portuguese. Pedro Alvarez Cabral discovered Brazil from Portugal in 1500. He is my ancestor. It can be either or.

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Q: Is the name Cabral Portuguese or Brazilian?
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How do you say Barry in Brazilian Portuguese?

There isn't an equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Barry.

What was named after Pedro Cabral?

The first spot of Brazilian mainlaind to be seen by the Portuguese was Santa Cruz de Cabrália, named after Pedro Álvares Cabral, the captain of the fleet which discovered Brazil.

How do you spell Julia in Portuguese?

Julia is still a portuguese/brazilian portuguese name. The same as on english.

How do you say Matt Lowe in Brazilian?

There is no equivalent name in Brazilian Portuguese for Matt Lowe.

What Portuguese explorer traveled from Lisbon?

Many many Portuguese explorers left Portugl by way of Lisbon. However, as you have placed this question under Brazilian history, I believe the answer you are looking for is probably "Pedro Alvares Cabral".

What nationality is the last name Cunha?

This last name is Portuguese and was popular among Portuguese and Brazilian people

What was the name of the portuguese exporer who landed on a country that is now called Brazil?

Pedro Alvares Cabral

Where did Brazilian Portuguese come from?

, Well Brazilian Portuguese is a mixture of Languages from Africa and The Portuguese Language.

What does the last name Cabral mean?

The last name "Cabral" is of Portuguese origin and is believed to be derived from the word "cabra," meaning goat. It may have been a nickname or occupational surname for someone who raised goats or lived near a place known for its goats.

Was Pedro Cabral a Portuguese explorer?


What was the Portuguese expedition that was blown to Brazil?


How do you say the problem in Brazilian Portuguese?

The problem in Brazilian portuguese is o problema.