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Finite. It's not impossible to count it, but improbable to know its cardinality.

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What is the number of hair?

The number of hair you have on your head depends on your genetic make-up. This will be different for everyone.

How many points can fit on the head of a pin?

An infinite number, since points take up no space.

How many hairs do you have if your hair is brunet?

Nobody but God knows the number of hairs on your head. What color hair you have makes no difference.

How many hairs the human head has?

Depends on the head. Some people have less, some more. Obviously, the number varies from person to person, but in general the answer is that the human head has about 100,000 strands of hair.The color of hair also makes a difference. People with darker hair have more dense hair than people with lighter hair.

How much hair is on a human head?

There are thousands of hair on the average human head. everyday the average person loses about 40 hairs. Now if you did not have thousands of hair on your head that would seem like a lot but since there are so many, 40 is a very small number.

What has head but no hair - riddle?

A pin has a head but no hair

How many hairs do you have on your head if you have blond hair?

Just because your hair is blonde, brown, red, whatever, doesn't effect the number of hairs on your head. In hair there is around 100,000 follicles, and each follicle can grow about twenty individual hairs in a lifetime. There is no average number of hairs on a human head, and no one really can tell how many hairs they're are on their hair. Hair comes in different sizes, shapes and lengths, just like people:)

How is hair attached to your head?

You hair is attached to your hair by roots on your head. These are called Hair root cells. They grow from your head at a young age and continue to grow all your life.

Do both sexes who have red head hair also have red pubic hair?

Pubic hair tends to be a bit darker than the hair on your head. And yes, people with red head hair usually have red pubic hair.

Why do people have hair on there head?

people have hair on there head becase they are mammals\monkeys

Approximately how many hairs are on a human head?

Obviously, the number varies from person to person, but in general the answer is that the human head has about 100,000strands of hair.

Where is the head office for latitudes and natural solutions hair salons in Canada?

The head office is in Markham and the phone number is 905-947-8141

Why are you losing your hair?

For male pattern baldness, the biggest reason for hair loss is a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which damages the hair follicles on the top of the head, but doesn't affect the hairs on the back of the head and sides. For women, there can be a number of other causes.

Difference between human head hair and body hair?

Body hair and head hair are not too much different. The hair on the top of your head is where heat escapes which makes it feel smoother. The hair on the body grows at a predetermined length.

The amount of hair in a person's head is referred to as?

the amount of hair on a person's head is referred to as

Does a mermaid have hair on their head?

Of course not! There are no mermaids, therefore no hair on the head of any mermaid.

What is in gir's head?

Their infinite knowledge of their surroundings. So, watch it.

What musical group recorded the song give me a head with hair long beautiful hair?

The song is titled 'Hair' from the play of the same name Recorded by the Cowsills, it reached number 2 in 1969

If you color your hair can you still get head lice?

Yes - colour of hair is not relevant to head lice.

What is small bumps in head hair line?

What is a small knot in the back of the head at the hair line

Does hair grow back after boil on head?

Will my hair grow back after having a boil on my head

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