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Yes. However the fundamental idea of being able to divide jobs into small easily defined steps is still very useful. Similarly, investigating the most effective way to do those jobs is still useful in high throughput and high volume applications.

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Q: Is the principles of scientific management are outdated?
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Who wrote Principles of Scientific Management?

Frederick W. Taylor

Benefits of the Principles of Scientific Management principles to an organisation management in its management practices?

managers get indication on how to manage an organization. The principles enable managers to decide what should be done to accomplish given tasks and to handle situations which may arise in management.

Who is credited with pioneering the principles of the scientific approach to management?

Frederick Winslow Taylor

A key figure in applying the principles of scientific management to industrial work was?

Frederick Taylor

What theory does scientific management follow?

which of fayol's priciples are followed at nucor? do you see any of his principles being violated?

Through scientific management a company could become efficient by?

Through scientific management a company could become efficient by applying the principles therein. This will involve synthesis, analysis, rationality and so much more.

Why many firms in the UK continue to use a traditional management style coupled with job designs based in the principles of scientific management?

that's exactly what Ben asked

Define scientific management-?

The official definition for the term scientific management is "management of a business, industry, or economy, according to principles of efficiency derived from experiments in methods of work and production, esp. from time-and-motion studies."

What did Weber add to the principles of Fayol?

Classical school of public administration includes scientific management and bureaucratic theory. Fayol (and Taylor) is representative of scientific management and top down approach. Weber is presenting bureaucratic theory - with his ideal types.

Why management is said as inexact science?

While considering scientific principles, we will get accurate results. management deals with human behavior which cannot be predicted with absolute management is not given the status of full fleged science. so we can say that it is a soft science.

Desribe the Principles of management by Chester Irving Barnard?

principles of management by chester irving barnard

What is Scalar principles in principles in management?

there must be a clear and unbroken line of command or management structure.