Is the pulse r76 or r72 better?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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I do not own a Pulse R76, but I do own a Pulse R72. I have played against people with Pulse R76\'s and personally believe that a Pulse R72 is better.

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Q: Is the pulse r76 or r72 better?
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Which magazine fits the crosman pulse R76?

The UTG 340-Round UTG 47 WarHawk Airsoft Magazine fits your R76: So says: Ebay has a D-Boys 500 round item#170506446699 for under $20 shipping inc

Is the Crosman airsoft pulse r76 repeater airsoft gun have a wind clip?

Yes, the Pulse R76 clip requires a quick wind-up after releasing a certain number of pellets.

How do you suppress the pulse r76?

It is illegal to add suppressors to airsoft guns.

How much for a pulse r76 magazine?

about 10 dollars in some stores

Does the Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft Gun come with a charger when you buy it?


Where can you find a suppressor that fits on a Crosman Pulse R76 Airsoft gun?

You have to make one

Is the Crosman airsoft pulse R76 reapeter black an automatic?

it is automatic but you can go semi-auto

How do you fix a BB jam on a crosman pulse R72 without a cleaning rod?

Take it to an authorized repair center.

How do you reassemble a pulse R71?

Why would you want to, get another gun, it is a very weak gun, buy the pulse R76 or just send the gun in with your warranty.

How many RPMs does the crosman pulse r72 have?

If rpm is measuring how fast or far it goes it's not measured in rpm. It's measured in fps (feet per second) A Crosman Pulse R72 has 325 fps. Of course, it's electric which adds 50 fps to it so it's actually 375 fps. I hope this was the correct answer to your question.

How much does a crosman r76 cost?

The price of a Crosman R76 can vary depending on where you purchase it and the condition it's in. On average, you can expect to pay around $70 to $100 for a new or slightly used Crosman R76 airsoft gun. However, prices may fluctuate based on availability and any additional accessories included in the purchase.

Pulse r76 airsoft gun for sale Canada?

Go to a Walmart and you can find the pulse r76 and go to the walmart website to find it. At Walmart they sell it there for 100$ for the clear model and 130$ for the full metal model and yes you can get it in Canada walmarts (P.S you should get the full metal model one because it performs 10 times better then the clear model) have fun with the airsoft gun and wear safety glasses jest in case