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The Rock is already returned to monday night RAW.

He is Wrestlemania 27 host.

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When is hbk coming back to raw?

He is already back at raw

Why did the rock come back?

Well, he came back to host WM27, but now he is coming back for real and to wrestle on Monday Night Raw, Coming from his mouth; He missed the people

When is the rock coming back to WWE?

NEVER The Rock Is Guest Hosting Raw This Summer. The most electrifying guest host in WWE. "If YOU SAMELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, WHAT THE, ROCK IS COOKING"

Is edge coming back to raw or smack down?


Is Triple H coming back to Raw?

Yes, he will be coming back to Raw.Yes, he came back February 21, 2011.Yes, he came back Februar 21.

When is hhh coming back to raw?


When is maryse coming back to raw?

In about a month

What big superstars are coming back coming to or coming from RAW to Smackdown?

Edge is coming back to WWE at the Royal Rumble 2010. I think he might be going to Raw because he is supposed to defeat Shamus at Wrestlemania.

Is the Dwayne the rock Johnson coming back to wrestle?

yes at the 1000th episode of raw on July 23,2012 the rock will talk about his future plans of winning the WWE championship again.

Is hhh coming back to raw?

yes hes comming back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is underaker coming back to raw?

Yes, he's probably coming back today (21st February).

When is mondaynight raw coming back to dallas?

I do not knew

Is hhh coming back to raw in 2009?


When is the rock coming back to the WWE?

hes coming back in 2010 at backlash

When is HBK coming back - dated 4th Oct 07?

hbk is coming back in raw wwe

When is Triple H is coming back to raw?

triple h is coming back apparently RR or elimination chamber

Has the rock come back to monday night raw?

No he has not.

Is the rock coming back to WWE?


Is undertaker coming back in the WWE?

No, but the rock iz coming

Is john cena coming back to raw 2011?

In will be in 2010.

When is Goldbeg coming back to Raw?

never I'm sorry

Is trish stratus coming back to raw in 2009?

yes she will and torrie Wilson will come back too Neither are coming back to Wrestling

When is Evan bourne coming back?

evan bourne is back on monday night raw

When is rock coming back to the WWE?

he is coming back to wrestle john cena at wrestlemaina 26

Is the rock really coming back?

he came back yesterday!!