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No. The physics is based in the way light is scattered in the air, and it is discussed in the question, "Why is the sky blue?" That question is linked below. AnswerIf that were true, there wouldn't be any blue skies in Kansas. And there are!

Actually, the coloring in the sky that you observe is a result of light rays being scattered by air and anything in it. The rays of light with the longer wavelengths, such as reds and yellows, tend to travel more easily through the atmosphere, while the rays with the shorter wavelengths, like blues and indigos, tend to be dispersed more easily. These more easily dispersed shorter light rays are what give the sky its blue color.

The color emitted by the refraction of gasses in the atmosphere is what causes the sky to be the color it appears. The protective ozone layer which is thicker in some places than it is in others, reflects blue when exposed to the suns radiation. So ozone gas expressed as O3 is responsible in large part to the blue sky. The dust particles mentioned in the previous paragraph are responsible for the various hues and colors we see such as the red sunsets.

This effect is known as Rayleigh scattering named after the scientist who discovered it , Lord Rayleigh

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Q: Is the sky really blue because it reflects the color of the ocean?
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Why is that reflected color of the ocean or sea is blue?

The reason the ocean is blue is because the color of the sky reflects on the ocean.

How does the ocean turn blue?

The water in the ocean reflects the color of the sky, so it seems blue when it is really clear.

What is the color of the ocean?

it is white but because the sun reflects off of it, it looks blue

Why does everyone color raindrops blue Are raindrops really blue?

People color raindrops blue because the ocean is blue and the ocean is water. The ocean is blue because the blue sky reflects on the water turning it blue. Water is really clear. The ocean is really clear. Since the sea is water and raindrops are water people assume that raindrops are blue and color them blue. Some people know raindrops are not blue but color them anyway because they want to add more color in their drawings.

Why the sea is green?

because everything reflects a color. Like ice, it reflects everycolor so it becomes white. the ocean reflects every color except green there for it is green. in some places it reflects everwhere but blue, and therefor it is blue.

Why is ocean blue in color?

It reflects the blue sky.

What color is the water of the Pacific Ocean?

The color reflects the sky color but water is actually clear.

When the water is in tumbler it is transparent then why is it blue in color when it forms an ocean or a sea?

because the sea reflects the COLOUR of the sky

Does the sky reflect the ocean?

no but the ocean reflects the sky that's where it gets its blue color.

Why the sea water is blue?

the color of ocean is blue because the blue color splits more and the color of sky becomes blue and it reflects the blue color and the color of sea becomes blue

What makes the ocean so blue in color?

Water is blue in color because that is what color it reflects off of the sky. It also has to do with how many colors of the rainbow it absorbs as well as how shallow the water is.

Water is clear so why is the ocean blue?

it reflects the color of the sky (like how the ocean is gray during a storm)

What color is the ocean?

when you look at an ocean it looks blue but it is really clear it is blue because of the reflection of the sun

Why does the ocean water always look blue?

It reflects off the sky. And also because blue is the color that travels the farthest and in the big huge thing of water, that's the only color that shows up.

Why sea is of different color?

There are many factors which determines the color of the sea/ocean, The reflectivity of the water has an important role in the color of ocean.The color of ocean is generaly blue because the water reflects the image of the sky which is in blue color. But there are other factors also there which determine ocean color,The depth of the ocean,presence of colored algae and fine suspende solid particles. Near to the shore the nutrient suply from the land will be high and because of that the density of algaes and phytoplankton will be more which gives a different color to the water near to the sea shore.

When water is colorless then why ocean water blue?

because the sky reflects off it

Invisible gas that surrounds the earth?

It's called the atmosphere. The reason it seems blue from earth ('cause I know you're gonna ask( is because it reflects the color of the ocean.

Can reptiles change color to match the ocean bottom?

Not really. While there are reptiles that can change color, none of them live in the ocean.

How did the ocean get its color?

If youre asking why the ocean is blue, its because it is reflecting off of the sky above. We all know the ocean really isn't blue, it is clear, or even more brown or green because of all the algae and pollution in it.

What was Henry Hudson's favorite color?

Henry Hudson's favorite color was blue because it reminded him of the ocean.

Is the sky blue due law of parody?

No i think the sky is blue because the reflection of the ocean or could it be the sky is blue and it reflects on to the ocean?

How to make the best chocolate chip cookies why is the ocean why is the ocean blue blue?

Question why no sense make? I think your trying to ask how to make the best chocolate chip cookies and why the ocean is blue. I can't really answer to cookie part because I'm not much of a baker. But the reason why the ocean is blue is because blue wavelengths are absorbed the least by the deep ocean water and are scattered and reflected back to the observer's eye. Particles in the water may help to reflect blue light. The ocean reflects the blue sky. Most of the time the ocean appears to be blue because this is the color our eyes see. Also the ocean is blue because the fish go blu, blu, blu.

Why do ocean waters appear blue?

because the water reflects off the sky. and that is the truth. so it is blue.

What gives the sea its colour?

The coloration of the ocean relies in several factors. A large concentration of water is naturally blue, besides, ocean reflects the color of the sky. Sometimes you can notice different colors in the sea, like green, this is because of the presence of oceanic plant life.

Why does the ocean look blue?

The ocean looks blue because water is a blue chemical and because of the reflection from the sun. Water absorbs the red end of the spectrum and reflects the blue end.