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It is a very good gun. I have had alot of experience with src and i like them alot.

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Q: Is the src full metal rpk a good airsoft gun?
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Is double eagle m85 airsoft gun electric airsoft electric gun part metal?

it depends on what type of double eagle m85 you buy. I bought a full metal one and it works great.

Is the jg m16a4 ufc airsoft gun on better then the tsd tactical gen ii full metal m16a4 airsoft gun found on

of course it is

How much does the G and G Full Metal M14 Airsoft Gun?

Fps- 400 cost- $355usd

What is the range of the AGM m4a1 full metal airsoft gun?

maybe a little over 120 feet.

Is the m249 airsoft gun metal or plastic?

electric airsoft gun h.n its very heavy that's why it cant be a plastic.its metal.

Is there a website were you can buy a scar Airsoft rifle for under 50?

Not a good one. I think you may be able to buy an airsoft SCAR for 50, but it will be plastic and you will have to cock the gun before firing each time. the good Airsoft Scars which are full metal and battery powered are around 200 or more.

Can you use metal BBs in an airsoft gun?


How do you put propane into a full metal 1911 4.3 desert warrior airsoft gun?

Contact the maker for correct instructions

What BB's does the Vector Arms full metal MK5A5 RAS Airsoft gun by Echo1 use?

.20 gram bbs

What is a good AEG airsoft gun to buy?

I would not recommend buying a dboys, jg, or lancertactical. Go to and type "Custom" into the search box and hit enter. It should give you a list of customized full metal airsoft guns with varying prices. Make sure that you buy a Full metal AEG or GBB rifle.

Can you use metal bbs in an electric airsoft gun?


Is a Full Size MK16 ASC from a good airsoft gun to buy?

I haven't bought an airsoft gun from this web sit. It cost $25 and looks legit. But i don't know it seems to good to be worth it.