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No. The sun is actually hotter than Betelgeuse, but much smaller.

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Q: Is the star Betelgeuse hotter than our sun?
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Which star is bigger sun or Betelgeuse?

Betelgeuse is much bigger than the Sun.

Is the Sun hotter than Betelgeuse?

Yeah, the Suns radiant pressure is more increased then Betelgeuse.

What is hotter than the sun Vega or Betelgeuse?

Vega = 9,602 KelvinThe Sun = 5,778 KelvinBetelgeuse = 3,500 Kelvin

Name a star much larger than our sun?


How is the sun compared to the star betelgeuse?

Size-wise, the Sun is to Betelgeuse as the Earth is to the Sun.

What kind of star is Betelgeuse exactly?

The star called Betelgeuse is a red giant. It is about 700 times the size of the sun, and its temperature is lower than that of the sun's, at around 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

How can betelgeuse give more light than the sun?

Betelgeuse give off more light than the Sun because it is much larger than the Sun, and the star's core is much larger and more powerful than the Sun's core.

Is Sun hotter than the star VV cephie?

You know, VV cephie is orange, sun is yellow and yellow is brighter than orange and the brighter the star is, the hotter it gets. So sun is hotter than VV cephie.

Is Betelgeuse cooler than our sun?

the Betelgeuse is colder than the sun

How long does it take Betelgeuse to revolve around the sun?

Betelgeuse doesn't revolve around the sun. It is a star, even larger than the sun, and much too far away for the sun to have much effect on it.

Is the sun smaller than Betelgeuse?

Yes, the Sun is much smaller than Betelgeuse.

Is the sun the hottest and biggest star?

No. Other stars are much larger and much hotter than the sun. The sun only seems larger and hotter than others because it is the closest star to us.