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A girl who used to be in my school had a medical case where her tongue was more or less attached to the floor of her mouth. The membrane was either too short or too rigid. But the doctors made her have it surgically removed because she couldn't speak clearly otherwise. I guess it allows your tongue to move around your mouth properly.

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Why do giraffes have flexible tongues?

They have to have flexible tongues to reach the leaves on top of a tall tree. And also to pick their boogers too. Gross rite? i hope this helps

Which animal does not have a tongue?

crocodile (Not true, their tongues aren't free but held in place by a membrane which limits movement; however they can't stick out their tongues.)

Do giraffes teeth cut and rip the leaves?

Giraffes use their flexible lips and long tongues to pluck leaves. Then they use their teeth to chew up the leaves. Chewing is an important part of digestion for most herbivorous mammals.

Why do giraffes have long muscular neck and long flexible tongues?

The belief is giraffes developed long necks and long tongues so they could feed on vegetation higher up than other animals and therefore had a survival advantage.

Why do animals have long muscular necks and long flexible tongues?

Only some do. The giraffe is the best example. It needs this so it can reach its' food.

What enables speech?

Humans are capable of speech because they have flexible tongues and vocal cords. A part of the cerebral cortex also helps control speech.

Can an alligator stick its tongue out?

No, alligators, like crocodiles, cannot stick their tongues out. This is because there is a membrane that attaches the tongue to the floor of their oral cavity.

How does a frog catch flies?

Frogs have very flexible tongues and they are very sticky, so when a bug goes by they just extend their tongue and it will catch the bug and they will eat it .

Why do giraffes have long muscular necks and long flexible tongues?

This allows them to forage from treetops that are inaccessible to other herbivores. Their diet mainly consists of tender leaves and shoots.

Do walruses have tongues?

Walrus' do not have tongues

What does snake tongues for?

They smell with their tongues

Do owls have tongues?

Yes owls have tongues.

Do hippos have tongues?

Yes,hippos have tongues.

Do goldfish have tongues?

Yes, goldfish have tongues.

How do you spell tongues?

The correct spelling is 'tongues'.

How many tongues does an octopus have?

13 tongues

Do polar bears have tongues?

Yeah, they have tongues

What color are jellyfish tongues?

Jellyfish have no tongues.

Do platypus have tongues?

Yes, platypuses do have tongues.

Does Billy Graham speak in tongues?

As far as I know he believes in the speaking of tongues, but I doubt that he speaks in tongues.

Do geese have tongues?

Yes, geese, like all birds, have tongues. Their tongues are long and rounded at the edges.

Do humming birds have tongues?

Yes hummingbirds do have tongues!

Do raccoons have tongues?

Yes, raccoons ahve tongues.

Do flies have tongues?

flies have tongues so that they can taste

Can fish stick their tongues out?

No, fish can not stick their tongues out