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For the millionth time, no, the Undertaker is not dead.


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Kane and undertaker are not related in real life

no the undertaker is not dead wwe is not real`only fake

No. But your brain is really dead.

no he is a regaular person

Yes, the Undertaker is Michelle McCool's real-life boyfriend.

No, he isn't dead. People say that he is the "Underworld Keeper." So in the WWE. he's a dead man. In real life, he ain't.

YA but now he is not walking he is dead

The Undertaker is actually married with three children.

Josh Hutcherson is the actor of Peeta is real life. As of 2012, he is alive and well.

No. Undertaker and Kane are in storyline but not in real life.

Is gimmic is portraying that he is a deadman but in real life he is alive

no they are dead October17, 2008 Taker's parents in real life are alive they are not dead. Well Undertaker's mother is still alive but his dad died in 07.

The Undertaker in real life.

NO they are not related in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is the strongest in the world

No, because Undertaker and Kane are not related in real life

The Undertaker is still alive, both in WWE-terms and in real life.

No :) Most of the wrestlers are good friends in real life.

" yes the undertaker is nice but not in the ring ,but there's a seacet that you don't know."

An Undertaker is a professional person whose job is to take care of the dead, and organise the cremation or burial of the corpse.

in wwe yes in real life no

Yes in real life they are

Yes at the moment but not in real life.

No, they are not related in real-life.

Undertaker suffered a broken orbit bone and broken nose, so according to Teddy Long and Kane Undertaker is not really dead.

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