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Is the underworld such a place?


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the underworld is another word for hell for the most part,or in some beliefs purgatory, which in neither hell or heaven, if u ask from watching riddicle's of riddick, then that might be more comparable to the belief of purgatory, but either way wheather it exists or not is based soley on your own religion or belief.

The Underworld is a place where the gods and goddesses punish beings. By beings I mean humans, titans and other creatures that offended the gods and goddesses. In mythology, the Underworld or Hades is ruled by Hades. Each being has his/her own torture. The Underworld is also supposed to be extremely cold. After the Romans took over they renamed Hades as Pluto and that's why the dwarf planet is so named because its partialy ice and is way below freezing. In common belief the Underworld is called Hell and is ruled by Lucifer with his many demons. Hell is generalized as an eternal inferno, but it in religions it has nine circles each one more worse than the other depending on what the sinner did. Jehovah witnesses believe that Hell is just a huge lake of fire.


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Pluto was also identified with the obscure Roman Orcus, like Hades the name of both a god of the underworld and the underworld as a place.

Hades was the underworld; the ruler of Hades was Pluto.

No the Greek underworld is not hell because it has a certain place where the souls of good people go where as hell is a place where unsaved bad souls go, although there is a spot in the underworld were bad souls do go.

The Underworld is to the left of Apollo's music place, and to the right of Poseidon's palace. You have to go down the geyser's to get there.

Hades was both the King of the Underworld and another name of the Underworld in which the dead resided: it was both a place the dead resided in after death, and the ruler of that place.

The noun 'underworld' has two different definitions:The world of criminals or organized crime; the criminals of a particular place as a group.The mythical place of the dead; the place beneath the Earth where people go when they die.

Hades resides in the Underworld.

Persephone spends half of the year in the Underworld, and half of the year above. When she is in the Underworld, I assume she spends time with her husband Hades and helps to rule in her place as Queen.

Everyone goes to the Underworld. Good and bad, they all go to the same place. It isn't 'hell' as some people make it out to be. It is simply a place for souls to go after their life is over, a place of rest, a place to spend their afterlife.

It's a place so your sentence should look something like this: Mommy, I dont want to go to the Underworld!!

The Underworld is a place of rest, but often souls live out their afterlives in much the same way they did when they were alive. They have houses, daily tasks etc..

The place of reward in the Underworld is called Elysium. There is also a place in Elysium called "The Isles of the Blest" for people who had chosen to be reborn three times and all three times achieved Elysium.

Yup, because it's a specific place.

Most of it takes place in the Underworld of Hades.

I'm not exactly sure how, but her entrance and exit from the underworld were escorted by Hecate, who was her guide.

Tartarus ruled the underworld before Hades. He is also the literal place (think of how Gaia is really the Earth).

Put the pomegranites on the offering place by the door.

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After'life' in the Underworld is sort of like a less active version of life on earth. People have houses, daily tasks and such. It is their existence, their place of rest.

Go to the temples and go in Hade's realm and put the pomegranites on the offering place by the door. Once you're in, go to the right and fall. You will be in the Underworld. Bingo!

no. It is not. in the ancient times it was just a myth, but there is something clost to the underworld it is the opposite of heaven. it is a horrible place. you would never ever want to go there. Heaven is the you would want to go to. but if you think the underworld is real think again. (its not).

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