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The volume of a solid is constant this is true.

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How solid and liquid are the same?

Both have a constant volume at constant pressure and have a low compressibility.

How may liquids be described in terms of shape and volume?

A solid has a constant volume and a determinate shape.A liquid has a constant volume but an indeterminate shape.A gas has an indeterminate volume and an indeterminate shape.liquids have a constant volume at a constant temperature, and take the shape of their container.

What is molar specific heat of solid at constant volume?

This is the necessary heat to raise the temprataure of 1 mol with 1 kelvin, at constant volume.

What are the arrangment of particles in a solid?

Particles in a solid are tightly packed together, they don't move and maintain a constant volume.

Sophie was asked to distinguish gases from solids and liquids. Which of the following answers would be most correct?

Gases adopt the form of the container it contains an hasn't a constant volume.. A liquid adopt the form of the container it contains but has a constant volume. A solid has form and constant volume.

What special properties liquid has?

A liquid is defined as something that has a constant volume but conforms to the shape of its container. This is different from a gas which has variable volume and conforms to the shape of its container. It is also different from a solid which has a constant volume and does not change to fit the shape of its container.

How does change in volume affect pressure at constant volume?

Change in volume is impossible at constant volume.

Is volume Constant in all three states of matter?

No. Volume can change drastically between different states of matter, especially between solid and gas.

Does a solid have volume?

Does a solid have a volume

When pressure and temperature of the gas are constant the volume of the gas will be?

Constant. Volume = proportionality constant * temperature * number density / pressure. Everything to the right of the equation is constant, so volume has to be constant.

How does the volume and pressure change in a tire after a long drive?

The volume is constant. The pressure will increase.The volume is constant. The pressure will increase.

What is constant-volume process?

A constant volume process in which volume has no changes during the process

Is volume constant?

In the solid and liquid states of matter, volume is constant because the amount of matter does not change. In a gas however volume can change because of the amount of pressure and the temperature, which heats up the particles making them move around more and take up more space.

Why Do Gasses Have Two Specific Heats?

One is for constant pressure, the other is for constant volume. These are not the same; for example, if the pressure is maintained constant, and the gas is heated, the volume changes.

What can you say about the volume of a solid?

The volume of a solid depends on the temperature.

Does solid have a definite volume?

Yes, a solid has a definite volume.

What the volume and shape of solid?

The volume and shape of a solid is fixed.

Do the volume of the water stay the same if the density increases?

That depends what you remain constant. You can consider a constant volume, or a constant mass. If you maintain the mass constant, then no - if you increase the density, the volume for a mass unit will less.

What does water displacement have to do with volume of a regular solid object?

Volume of a regular solid can be calculated by immersing it fully in a measuring beaker containing water. The volume of the solid will be equal to the volume of the water displaced(volume of water after immersing the solid -(minus) volume of the water before immersing the solid in water).

What is constant volume process?

The constant Volume process, also known as Isovolumetric, is where the volume is constant and does not change. In a P, V, Diagram this should be where volume is constant where Pressure is increased. The work done (area under the curve) would be = to 0 in this case.

How could you use a beaker to measure the volume of a solid?

The easiest way to measure the volume of an irregularly shaped solid is to use a graduated cylinder and a liquid which does NOT dissolve the solid to be measured. Pour sufficient liquid to cover the solid (an eyeball estimate.) Note the volume of the liquid. Then place the solid into the cylinder with the liquid, and note the volume. The additional volume, i.e., the volume before adding the solid, is then subtracted from the new volume. The difference is the volume of your solid sample.

Does a solid have a definite volume?

Yes, a solid does not occupy less sapce when it is pressed or squeezed. It cannot be compressed. The volume of a solid does not change. A solid has a fixed or definite volume.

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