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Walrus is the largest seal in the world. So yes, it is.

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Q: Is the walrus a type of seal?
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A walrus is what type of animal?

It's a type of seal.

Whats the difference between a walrus and a seal?

the difference between a walrus and a seal is that a walrus has bigger tusck than a seal has

Are Walrus' a type of seal?

i know ur there and yes they are

What is the difference between a seal and a walrus?

a walrus has tusks

What kind of seal lives in the Tundra?

walrus seal

Does a walrus eat a seal?


What is a large seal?

a walrus

What is the difference between seal and walrus?

walrus have tusks and seals don't

What are the release dates for Seal and Walrus Hunting - 1910?

Seal and Walrus Hunting - 1910 was released on: USA: 3 January 1910

What type of animal lives in the Atlantic regions?

seal, walrus, polar bears, penguins, arctic fox, FISH!!!

What is the difference walrus and a seal?

walruses have tusks

What is Fat of walrus and seal called?


Which is longer a seal or walrus?

walruses are longer than most seals but not the elephant seal

Is the walrus related to the seal?

yes they are, but walruses are not seals.

What is a seal like animal with tusks called?

A walrus.

What is the odd one out seal whale walrus dolphin shark?

Only one is a fish.

What are the similarities between a walrus and a harp seal?

A walrus has tusks near their cheeks and no whiskers and seals have whiskers but no tusks

What did the inuit do?

The Inuit hunted bear, seal, walrus and caribou

What do Tupperware and a Walrus have in common?

they both like a tight seal

How is a walrus and a seal different?

one has tusks one doesn't

What kind of animal lives on ice?

A seal, A walrus, a penguin . . .

Are walruses and seals the same?

The walrus is a pinniped, the seal family.

What are different types of seals?

harp seal walrus elephant seal leopard seal There are 13 to 18 different types of seals.

Name the mammal with tusks which is related to the seal?

walrus or a sea lion

What does the baby sea lion look like?

A mix of a Seal and Walrus